The Palm Beach Winners - Your Choice Awards 2023

Night Runners. Photo via Instagram.

These are the winners for Your Choice Awards - Palm Beach County. Read about them below.

And the winners are...

And the Best Restaurant, Best Kept Secret, and Best Burger in Palm Beach Goes to...

And The Best Kept Secret in Palm Beach Goes to...

The Best Personal Trainer in Palm Beach Goes to...

The Best Nonprofit in Palm Beach Goes to...

The Best Server in Palm Beach Goes to...

The Best LGBTQ Activist in Palm Beach Goes to...

The Best Drag Performer & Artist & Entertainer in Palm Beach Goes to...

Best Group/Nonprofit/Place to Work Out-Night Runners

The Night Runners won for Best Social Group and Best Place to Work Out by our readers. They have been established since 2016. Originally, the group started as a “meet up” then slowly developed into an official organization. In just five years they have represented Compass Community Center at the Women’s Wellness Conference and participated in a Mental Health Fashion Art Ball, just to name a few.

"We are thrilled and deeply honored that Night Runners WPB was selected as the recipient of two prestigious OutSFL Choice Awards,” said the Night Runners Executive Board. "We extend our heartfelt gratitude to OutSFL and its incredible readers for recognizing our 501(c)(3) non-profit running group as the Best Fitness and Best Social Group in South Florida."

"At Night Runners WPB, our mission is clear: to passionately promote health, diversity, and camaraderie through the joy of running and friendship for everyone. These awards serve as a testament to the dedication of our members and the unwavering support from our community."

"We are proud to be part of South Florida's vibrant fitness and social scene. Join us every Monday and Thursday at 8pm at Howard Park in West Palm Beach for a free Run / Walk. Thank you for believing in our mission and for this incredible recognition. Together, we run, we thrive, and we unite.”

Runner-up for Social Group: Entourage

Runner-up for Place to Work Out: The Zoo Lake Worth

-Deon C. Jefferson

Best Bartender-Jimmy Z @ Mad Hatter Lounge


You may not be able to smoke in the Mad Hatter anymore, but nobody said anything about the smoking hot bartenders. The Mad Hatter is an LGBT bar located in Lake Worth Beach. The bar has a reputation of providing a family-safe atmosphere to its hardcore fan base.

Jimmy Z is a top-tier bartender. He has shown dedication to the bar by being dunked in a water booth, participated in several Pride Parades, raised money for several causes, and treats everyone like family. If you ever want to witness this master at work, you should visit on a Friday night, and ask for a “Jay-Z special.”

“First, I'd like to thank the amazing staff for all of their hard work,” he said. “Next, I'd like to thank the dedicated patrons that frequent the bar. They are the secret ingredient that keeps the Mad Hatter going strong. I also want to thank Ron for being a phenomenal boss. It also feels great to be the first bartender to win this award with OutSFL. Thank you to all the readers for nominating me and for voting for me.”

Runner-up: Joey @ Hullabaloo

-Deon C. Jefferson

Best Business Owner-Rodney Mayo


One cannot talk about business owners in Palm Beach County without mentioning restaurant connoisseur Rodney Mayo, who was voted “Best Business Owner” by our readers. Mayo owns 18 bars and restaurants in South Florida. He established Respectable Street in 1987, and now has six restaurants, bars, or coffee houses on Clematis Street alone. Mayo has also remained active in city government by spearheading meetings with business owners. He has been passionate about parking fees, outdoor dining, as well issues that impact customers and people who live and work in downtown West Palm Beach. 

Mayo also has aspirations of running for mayor just last year, but was removed because he did not live in the city. During the pandemic, Mayo used his resources to give out free food from his restaurant Howley’s, and also provide Thanksgiving meals to those that lost their jobs. Kudos to Mayo for putting his money where his mouth is. Mayo also has played a major role in launch of Pride on the Block.

Runner-up: Joe Lipovich @ Lilos

-Deon C. Jefferson

Best Politician-Lois Frankel


Lois Frankel is one of the most storied and beloved legislators in Palm Beach County. A staunch advocate of LGBTQ issues, Frankel has consistently shown her dedication to the community through her actions. Lois attends community based events, including Palm Beach Pride, Pride on the Block, and the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council’s Summer Soirée and Winter Fête.

When told of her selection, Lois said, “Thank you to OutSFL for this great honor! At a time when LGBTQ+ individuals’ rights are under constant attack in our state
and nationwide, it is a privilege to stand up for equal rights and equal treatment for all.”

Frankel represents Florida’s 22nd District in the United States House of Representatives, which covers northern Palm Beach County up through Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Runner-up: Betty Resch

-Sean Conklin


Best Pizza
Downtown Pizza
Runner-up: Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza

New Restaurant
Isla & Co
Runner-up: Latern Local Tavern 

Best Yoga
Maki Criscaut

Best Gift Shop
Day By Day Shoppe

Best Art Gallery
Box Gallery

All photos are either via Facebook, Instagram, or courtesy.


Here Are the Winners of Your Choice Awards 2023



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