Gritz and Glitter

Terry Dyer, an award-winning author and activist, raises HIV/AIDS awareness, develops community programs and grants, fosters LGBTQ+ engagement, and engages in athletics. He wrote “Letters to a GAY BLACK BOY,” sparking discussions on racism, homophobia, mental health, family, and love.

Rev. Skip Jennings, an author, podcaster, transformational coach, and yoga/meditation teacher. He is a New Thought Minister and his notable work, “The Little Book for Transformation,” inspires change and living an authentic spiritual life.

In the rainbow of colors that define Pride Month, there exists a profound intersectionality that amplifies the voices and experiences of Black LGBTQ individuals. As we delve into the essence of Pride, it's imperative to view this celebration through the lens of our unique identities, histories, and struggles. Skip Jennings and Terry Dyer, aka “Gritz and Glitter,” advocate for equality and justice within the LGBTQ community and offer our perspective on embracing Pride year-round and a way of life.

In a landmark move highlighting the ongoing struggle for inclusivity and fairness, transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has initiated legal proceedings against World Aquatics, the governing body for elite swimming competitions. This challenge, presented to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, targets explicitly portions of the gender inclusion policy enacted by World Aquatics on June 20, 2022. This lawsuit marks a pivotal moment in the broader dialogue on the rights of transgender athletes in sports.

In the tapestry of identity, we find ourselves navigating the intricate intersections of race, sexuality, and personal growth. As we reflect on our journey through the lens of being black and gay in the ever-evolving landscape of 2024, we are compelled to share our insights, challenges, and triumphs.


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