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My spouse and I have been together for 10 years. It started long distance and then in year five we moved in together. Over the last five years we have had a recurring argument about the type and frequency of sex. I feel my partner doesnt want to have sex with me. Does my partner not find me attractive?

Excerpts from a newly released Elon Musk biography seem to confirm his God complex. Apparently, Musk thought providing Ukraine with Starlink communication satellites gave him the power to dictate military strategies. Last September, we have learned, Musk refused to activate the satellites over Sevastopol, Crimea, just prior to a crucial planned attack against the Russian navy.

Misconceptions and misinformation about LGBTQ families can perpetuate stereotypes and lead to actions and policies that harm our children. Let’s therefore debunk 10 long-running myths and offer some useful facts for countering them.

Back-to-school time can be daunting for any parent, as we leave our children to the care of others and subject to peer circles that we can’t fully control. LGBTQ parents may have particular concerns, too, about how welcoming and inclusive the administration, teachers, coaches, and students will be to our children, especially in states with school-related anti-LGBTQ laws. I’m not here to tell you it will all be fine, because I can’t make such guarantees, but I will offer some advice based on seeing my son through 12 years of public school and into college.

My partner asked me to open our relationship after we have been in a committed monogamous relationship for the last six years. I am seriously considering it but I feel a bit lost in how we can do this without us damaging our trust and intimacy. How can we navigate this relationship change? 


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