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Queerly Beloved is an expertly curated column dedicated to the world of LGBTQ sex, intimacy and relationships that provides education, insights and actionable tips for the reader to enhance their pleasure journey. This column from Kelly Ghweinem, LCSW, will answer questions and provide advice to readers to deepen intimate connections, elevate pleasurable experiences, and empower people. Ghweinem is an established queer-affirming therapist and business owner who champions the LGBTQ+ community through activism and advocacy utilizing a queer, feminist, anti-racist lens. A University at Buffalo graduate, Kelly came to Fort Lauderdale from Manhattan in 2022.

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The advice offered in this column is intended for informational purposes only. Use of this column is not intended to replace or substitute any financial, medical, legal, or other professional advice.

I'm a lesbian who has only dated women, but lately I've been attracted to a man who I work with, I just feel something different with him that I haven’t felt before with other men. Does this mean I'm not really a lesbian? Does this mean I’m bisexual? I’m so confused about my sexuality.

I'm a lesbian in my late 20s, and most of my friends are in serious relationships or getting married. I'm starting to feel left out and like I'm missing out on that part of life. How can I cope with these feelings and find fulfillment as a single person?

I have been with my husband for four years, and he recently asked me about opening up our relationship. I was a little surprised by this because we are healing from infidelity, and it feels like this is a way for him to have his cake and eat it too. I am not really understanding how we can approach this in an ethical way. Can opening a relationship after infidelity be considered a form of ENM?

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