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June 2024

6/4/24: Pride on the Water Event June 8

6/7/24: Changes at Stonewall Pride

6/11/24: City Approves Extra City Security

May 2024

5/3/24: WMPD Faces Crisis

5/7/24: Commission Discusses Stonewall & More

5/10/24: Pageant Celebrating Drag Community May 18

5/14/24: Kathy Griffin Brings Latest Show to The Parker

5/17/24: Wilton Social Club Closes

5/18/24: Tonight is Mz OutSFL: 5:30 pm at Sunshine Cathedral

5/21/24: Drama at 'Dancing with the South Florida Stars'

5/24/24: Wilton Hotel Wins Vote

5/29/24: BSO Sting Operation Shuts Down Wilton Social Club

5/31/24: Stonewall Museum Kicks Off Pride Month

April 2024

4/2/24: June's Stonewall Festival is Saved

4/5/24: Police Search for Victims in Alleged Accounting Scam

4/9/24: Businesses Move On After Rent Goes Up

4/12/24: Wilton Drive Voice Aims to Protect LGBTQ Heritage

4/16/24: The West End Lounge Now Open

4/19/24: City Takes Firm Stand on Rundown Properties

4/23/24: 'Pulp' at Island City Stage - Sheer Perfection

4/26/24: Local Orgs Celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week

4/30/24: Locals Gather on Rainbow Bridge to Promote City

March 2024

3/1/24: Craig Jungwirth is Back

3/5/24: Bears and Music

3/8/24: There's a Busy Weekend Ahead!

3/12/24: Have Fun Helping Animals

3/15/24: "There is No Money."

3/19/24: 'The Dyke and the Porn Star' Comes to The Foundry

3/22/24: From WeHo to Wilton

3/26/24: A Look Back at Bear Week

3/29/24: 25 Years of ArtsUnited

February 2024

2/2/24: A Big Announcement From City Hall

2/6/24: 'Thunderbunny' is Here to Stay

2/9/24: Thunderpuss Makes Their Way to the Island City

2/13/24: Find Love in Wilton Manors and Beyond

2/16/24: Are You Ready to Rock the Block?

2/20/24: P&Z Discusses Wilton Manors Hotel

2/23/24: Election for Mayor is Now Contested

2/27/24: Black History, Philanthropy, and Love.

January 2024

1/3/24: A Local Couple Goes Viral

1/5/24: See the Local Person of the Year!

1/9/24: Dungeons, Dragons and Daddies

1/12/24: The Future of the Stonewall Parade and Festival

1/16/24: The Future of Hamburger Mary's

1/19/24: SMART Ride Raises $1.4 Million

1/23/24: Say Hello to Wilton Drive's New Business

1/26/24: City Approves Construction Plans at Alibi Plaza

1/30/24: The Well Has Arrived in Wilton Manors

December 2023

12/1/23: Today is World AIDS Day

12/5/23: Hanukkah and Other Holiday Happenings

12/8/23: Martina Navratilove is not our biggest fan

12/12/23: Your Choice Awards Results Are Out Now!

12/15/23: Vandals Hit Wilton Manors District

12/19/23: Hotel in Wilton Manors? Survey results are in

12/22/23: Stonewall Pride Faces Existential Crisis

12/27/23: Wilton Manors PD Secures a New Contract

12/29/23: Looking at the Top Stories in 2023

November 2023

11/3/23: A Look Back at Wicked Manors

11/7/23: Where Will Wilton Manors Be by 2026?

11/10/23: Pub on the Drive Owner Dies

11/14/23: Countdown to the Last SMART Ride

11/17/23: How Local Businesses Are Keeping Us Safe

11/21/23: The Thanksgiving Spirit is in the Island City

11/28/23: A Deeper Look at Transit Safety

October 2023

10/3/23: Billy Porter Brings $60K to Stonewall!

10/6/23: Will Wilton Manors Police Get a Raise?

10/10/23: Tonight, Remembering Ken Keechl.

10/13/23: Wilton Manors Declares: We're a Safe Haven

10/17/23: Say Hello to New Dolphin Dems VP and Mr. Ramrod!

10/20/23: Active Aging Expo Returns This Weekend

10/24/23: Charities Benefit From FLoatarama

10/27/23: Halloween Has Arrived in Wilton Manors

10/31/23: Happy Halloween, Islanders!

September 2023

9/1/23: Bicyclists Will Feel the 'Pinch' in Improvement Plan

9/5/23: A Sit Down with the Wilton Manors Hotel Developer

9/8/23: A Local Trailblazer is Gone Too Soon

9/12/23: Will a Hotel End Wilton Manors' Charm?

9/15/23: Man Shot and Killed in Vacation Home

9/19/23: SMART Ride Ending After 20 Years

9/22/23: Mind Your Manners!

9/26/23: $52 Million Budget Could be a Record Maker

9/29/23: Celebrate a Reverse Quinceañera This Weekend

August 2023

8/1/23: We're in a Housing Crisis

8/4/23: Broward House is Still Dealing With Flood Damage.

8/8/23: Wilton Manors PD Negotiating Raises

8/11/23: Help Prepare Kids for Back to School

8/15/23: What Do You Think of Development in Wilton Manors?

8/18/23: Who Looks After the Island City's Parks?

8/22/23: Wilton Hotel Brings Excitement - And Dread

8/25/23: Pub on the Drive's New Patio Faces Problems

8/29/23: Redevelopment on Wilton Drive

July 2023

7/7/23: FlockFest is Back!

7/4/23: Fourth of July Happenings and a March to Remember

7/11/23: Introducing, Meet Your Neighbor

7/14/23: The Doors Are Wide Open at Hamburger Mary's

7/18/23: Is a Hotel on the Way to Five Points?

7/21/23: 'Queer Love' Gives a Voice to LGBTQ Women

7/25/23: Disney, a Wine Tasting, Art Exhibits, and an Orchestra

7/28/23: Meeting on Wilton Manors Hotel on Aug. 3

June 2023

6/6/23: Stonewall Pride Rules Are Becoming Clearer

6/9/23: Community Rallies Around a Vandalized Sculpture

6/14/23: Mr. & Miss Stonewall Crowned

6/16/23: Wilton Manors Celebrates Pride June 17

6/21/23: Consider Donating to The Islander

6/23/23: Wilton Manors Appoints New Faces on Boards

6/27/23: What's Going on in Tallahassee?

6/30/23: Pride of the Americas President Breaks Silence


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