Wilton Drive is a one-mile segment of State Road 811 within the city of Wilton Manors. It begins at Five Points and ends at the Fort Lauderdale border, just north of Fort Lauderdale High School. I first visited Wilton Drive in 1980, while I was living at SIR Apartments in nearby Dixie Highway. I washed my clothes in a laundromat at 2365 Wilton Drive, an address now occupied by Wilton Collective. Other than some restaurants, and shops here and there, the Drive did not make much of an impression on me. Then things changed.

We assume that a one-night stand is about “having sex,” and that sex in a long-term relationship is about “making love.” Is that always true, and what differentiates one from the other? Is it possible for a one-night stand to be “making love” for one of the participants, and with one’s beloved might the experience ever be described as “having sex?” Ray and I have had lots of genital contact in the past 47 years, but not all of it would be described as “making love.”

I've been in a relationship with my partner for about two years. We're both part of the LGBTQ community – I identify as non-binary, and my partner is transgender. Our relationship started off wonderfully, full of understanding and mutual respect. However, lately, I've been feeling a bit disconnected from him, especially when it comes to understanding each other's evolving identities and needs.


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