Angie Ovahness Pryce: Feeling Like a Winner

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Angie Ovahness Pryce. Photo by JR Davis.

Angie Ovahness Pryce may not have won the top prize in the OutSFL Pageant, but she still considers herself a winner. "I was very proud of how I did," she says. "It's not easy going from category to category, especially when certain categories are not your strength. But I am proud of my performance and let people see who I am."

Pryce took home several prizes, including cash, makeup, and a spot on the Stonewall Pride float. "It was a lovely experience," she says. “Competing in this pageant was an important milestone in my professional life."

During the pageant, she represented the McKenzie Project, a Black trans-led organization in Miami that works to educate, empower, and help the Black trans, nonbinary, and intersex communities through creative arts and entrepreneurship studies.

Pryce says the organization provides a much-needed safe space for people.

Pryce is a fan favorite for her high-energy powerhouse performances, with fantastic dance moves rivaling those of a professional gymnast. "I'm still doing the death drops, the kicks, and the headstand stuff," she says. “I'm grateful to be still able to do it. You know, age is nothing but a number." Pryce says she stays nimble by stretching when she can but doesn't have a regular workout regimen.

When it comes to music, Pryce prefers performing to old-school divas rather than today's popular stars, with Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, and Tina Turner as her favorites. "My mother used to listen to them when I was growing up, and I don't think there's anyone better than them today," she says.

The Miami native is no stranger to winning the top prize. She has pageant titles — Miss Illusion Newcomer, Miss Red Dress, Miss Bottle Miami, and Miss Noche Latina.

Achieving this level of success took years of hard work and determination. But for Pryce, it's been worth proving her naysayers wrong. "Ten years ago, a lot of people told me that I couldn't do it. So, 10 years later, I've worked in many places. I've performed with a lot of people. I've met celebrities. I am living the dream."

After being a regular at R House in Wynwood for more than six years, she is now looking for a permanent performing home. "It was fun while it lasted," she says. "Working here molded me into a better entertainer. I worked with amazing performers there. But in this art form, nothing lasts forever."

Pryce says leaving R House allows her to do more. "Being able to flourish is amazing."

These days, you can see her performing in West Palm Beach and Wilton Manors, and she's hit the road recently performing in Naples, Fort Myers, Orlando, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Pryce lists the Well Bar in Wilton Manors and Hullabaloo in West Palm Beach among her favorite performing venues. 

When she's not on stage, Pryce works at Publix.  "I love my day job," she says. "As a transgender woman, many people automatically assume that we prefer sex work. That's not true. Publix has been nothing but amazing to me with respecting my pronouns and me as an individual who is transgender."

Follow Pryce on Instagram at Queenofheadstand.


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