Arraignment Date Set for Craig Jungwirth

A past mugshot of Craig Jungwirth. Photo courtesy of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

An arraignment date has been set for Craig Jungwirth on a misdemeanor stalking charge.

After spending nearly a week in an Okeechobee County, jail he bonded out April 15, where he made his way to the Wilton Manors area. Allegedly, he has since left the area.

He is set to be in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom on May 13 at 1:30 p.m. People can watch on Zoom. In a separate case a hearing to continue or end an existing restraining order was set for Thursday, April 25. Of course, for any of this to be effective, he needs to show up to court. Jungwirth’s past history says there’s a good chance that won’t happen voluntarily.

Jungwirth has been deft at avoiding people trying to serve him with civil papers, and it appears he has no regard for the criminal charge of stalking. Evidence shows he almost immediately began harassing victims as soon as he left Okeechobee County’s jail. A local barber, who claims years of harassment by Jungwirth, had his business’s booking website nearly inoperable.

FlockFest is also a victim. Organizers accuse him of creating media materials that look similar to their event and selling tickets. It’s almost impossible for people to tell the difference and even harder for FlockFest to keep up. “We shut down one site, he opens another,” one member of FlockFest told OutSFL.

Eventually, people will show up with bogus passes for the beach party and, presumably, Jungwirth will have the money while continuing to lurk in the shadows.

Major Pain, Minor Crime

Despite being a nuisance, Jungwirth isn’t, and hasn’t been, charged with any felonies. His current charge is a misdemeanor. If he skips court dates or violates restraining orders, charges could be bumped up.

The most serious crime Jungwirth has been investigated for was threatening a Pulse-like massacre in Wilton Manors. Investigators held him as long as they could but eventually released him dropping all charges, citing a lack of evidence.


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