Craig Jungwirth Promotes Bestiality; Facebook, Growlr Ignore Harassment | Opinion

  • An open letter to Judge Melinda Brown

A past mugshot of Craig Jungwirth. Photo courtesy of Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Craig Jungwirth is a deranged psychopath. And our legal system has failed his many victims over and over again.

Jungwirth has been charged with stalking, a misdemeanor, and was recently arrested but quickly bonded out. His arraignment is now set for May 13.

So I hope this letter makes its way to Judge Melinda Brown, and she takes the case of Jungwirth seriously. This letter is to help her understand his reign of terror and what he’s done and doing to the LGBTQ community.

It’s been eight years since Jungwirth appeared in Wilton Manors and was accused of threatening to blow up the city. The FBI investigated him and later dropped the charges because they were unable to definitively connect him to his reported 57 fake Facebook profiles.

So a few fake profiles online were able to stump the FBI? That sure inspires confidence.

Since then, Jungwirth has started many years-long harassment campaigns against dozens of members of the LGBTQ community around the country – now including myself.

This weekend he started harassing my husband, and the husband of my business partner. He recently sent me a screenshot of my mother’s Facebook profile, telling me she has nice hair.

Creepy doesn't begin to describe his weird antics.

His latest form of harassment is texting people and posting all over social media about an upcoming “bestiality” event for Beach Bear Weekend.


We’ve continuously reported these posts to Facebook, only for the social media company to ignore us. I reached out to the press team – no response. These fake profiles have been allowed to proliferate because Facebook has refused to shut them down.


He’s also created fake Growlr profiles using my photo. I’ve received numerous messages from people I’ve never met informing me of these fake profiles. I don’t have a profile on Growlr, so I reached out to their press team, who have also ignored me.

If bestiality doesn’t violate their terms of service of these social media companies, then what does?

These posts also include the website and are selling tickets to a fake event for $169, making it look like it’s partnering with FlockFest. It’s a scam. Do not buy the tickets.

His continued intimidation tactics have worked. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone was at my door. Another victim sleeps with a gun next to his bed. These stories are just a tiny sample of his harassment.

Craig Jungwirth is a menace to society. Our justice system failed. Recently, an authority figure told a victim that being annoying isn’t illegal.

For any person to simply think this is “annoying” is trivializing it and is insulting.

Let’s recap, Jungwirth set up a fake website selling tickets to a fake event. That’s fraud. He was once accused of threatening to blow up a city. That’s terrorism. He effectively shut down one victim’s business by booking hundreds of fake appointments. That’s harassment.

Now he’s promoting bestiality. I don’t know if that’s illegal – but it’s fucking sick.

Yet, Jungwirth has been able to thwart our legal system over and over again. For example, several of his victims over the years have filed restraining orders. The judge was sympathetic, but because Jungwirth was never legally notified of these proceedings, the judge had to dismiss the case. That’s because Jungwirth evaded the process servers, allowing him to escape justice. Is our legal system that easily manipulated?

I hope not.

So please Judge Brown, I implore you to take this case seriously.


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