'Sex Lies and Sensibility' - A Shot at Redemption

“Sex Lies and Sensibility” by Nikki Payne.

Nikki Payne wanted to write about shame and redemption, as well as Black and Native folks in small towns, so she wrote “Sex Lies and Sensibility”.

Inspiration Behind “Sex Lies and Sensibility”:

“Sex, Lies, and Sensibility” is a book, yes, but I also like to think of it as a conversation. It's the story of two sisters, unceremoniously thrust into a world where their past no longer defines them, and their future is a blank canvas. In the quaint, dilapidated property in Maine lies, there’s a real shot at redemption. I wanted to write a book about shame and redemption and Black and Native folks in small towns.

Reading Rainbow - What's That About?

Reading Rainbow to me signifies the celebration and recognition of diverse voices and stories in literature. It's about embracing and promoting narratives that represent a spectrum of experiences and identities. It’s like wearing your favorite outfit. You feel good, you look good, and you're unapologetically you. It's about seeing yourself in the stories, whether you're flipping through pages or swiping on a screen.

The Importance of Representation:

Representation in literature is crucial because stories have the power to shape perceptions, build empathy, and broaden horizons. Everyone deserves to see themselves as the hero, the lover, the wizard, or the badass CEO in a book. People of color are more than sidekicks or stereotypes. If Toni Morrison taught us anything, it's that our stories are as layered as our history.

About “Sex Lies and Sensibility”:

This book is my baby, my love letter to every small town with big secrets. Two Black sisters, a foreclosure, and a mysterious Indigenous tour guide who loves hard. I’m of course indebted to authors like Beverly Jenkins, who illustrated that romance can be a powerful medium to explore deeper societal conversations and spicy enough to make our hearts race.

What Can Fans Expect:

Expect to laugh, maybe cry (if you're into that), and definitely to think. It's a rollercoaster through a small town with big personalities and even bigger hearts. And, of course, a love story that doesn't shy away from the messy, complicated, yet beautiful reality of blending worlds.

What's Next in My Bookish World:

As for what's next in my bookish world, I'm continually drawn to stories that challenge norms, broaden perspectives, and celebrate the universality of human experiences. I aim to strike a balance between telling compelling stories and making you squeal and kick your feet. Looking ahead in the bookish world, I'm excited to continue exploring narratives that bridge cultural divides and highlight the richness of diverse experiences. I’m writing a sexy murder mystery with an African Heroine and an African-American hero. I would love to reimagine “Hamilton” but with more scandalous love letters.


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