Wilton Manors Couple Goes Viral After Meltdown at Airport

Screenshot of the TikTok video

Forget Santa’s Naughty list, people are calling for a Wilton Manors man to be put on the No-Fly list.

Video shot at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) shows a man absolutely losing it in the terminal after learning his flight to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) was delayed.

Video of the man quickly went viral after being posted to the izzzjson TikTok account. They have been identified as a Wilton Manors couple, however OutSFL is choosing not to use their names at this point.

Frustrated at the delay, the tall, bald man begins ranting to anyone who would listen, as well as those who wouldn’t. He declares that the airline had “fucked them over.” His husband tries to calm him down and to “think about the girls."

“The girls” have been identified as Shelby and Dolly, their dogs who were waiting for them to come home. The man was inconsolable and kept yelling. The couple got into an argument for the entire crowd at gate B14 to see. The husband kept shouting ‘Shelby and Dolly’ as if repeating their names would conjure their presence or calm the man. Neither happened.

Demonstrative but unsuccessful attempts to rile the crowd continued and quickly plummeted to new lows. The man then had an exchange with an elderly woman in a wheelchair and a service dog. The exchange is inaudible, but she essentially told him to get away from her.

His response: “Fuck off, bitch.”

Many online speculate that the dogs’ names are inspired from the movie Steel Magnolias, which starred Dolly Parton and featured a lead character named Shelby.

While a second, brief, video shows some type of security showing up, OutSFL cannot find any record that they were arrested over the incident. We do not know if they were allowed to board a flight home. 


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