Future of Former Wilton Collective Building

Former location of The Wilton Collective. Photo by Stephen R Lang.

With its big picture windows and prime location on Wilton Drive by The Manor Complex, the former Wilton Collective building has been eyed by a lot of businesses interested in grabbing the spot. However, it seems the owner is not in the mood for a long-term commitment.

OutSFL has learned that Pride Factory is taking the space. Lori Deak, Pride Factory’s vice-president, confirmed the report. It was only two years ago that they moved into the Shoppes of Wilton Manors after leaving their longtime home on 13th Street. And, this may only be a pause in the nomadic journey of the LGBTQ clothing and accessories store.

Other businesses tell OutSFL that they looked into turning it into a bar and/or restaurant, but owners would only offer a three-year lease. One bar owner says it would need 10 years to recoup the costs of a major remodel of the space.

Deak declined to comment on the moving costs or length of the lease, but sources close to the business say they have a five-year deal. They need to move because the building is being turned into a parking garage.

In summer 2023, the owners of Wilton Collective were told they needed to move. They subsequently relocated to the former Holy Mackerel and Old Florida Seafood spot on 26th Street.

There was great secrecy around who would move in, but the urgency suggested there was a tenant waiting. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case. There was talk it would be a Get Out the Vote center through the election. That is not happening. However, the parking lot will be used as the VIP area at this year’s Stonewall Pride.

Speculation is that the owner wants to sell to, or work with, a developer to put in housing. A five-year (or even possibly a three-year) lease would expire around the time the WilMa mixed-use building is completed between 6th Ave. and 7th Ave. on Wilton Drive.


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