Meet Doris Day – The Lovable Pup Around Town Promoting Businesses

Doris Day. Photo via Instagram.

Que Sera Sera helped make Doris Day an icon. Today, another Doris Day is becoming an icon in Wilton Manors. She’s the cutest half of a team, taking micro-marketing to a new level.

The pup joins her human, Marcus Verrill, on walks and rides through Wilton while making friends and money along the way. Verrill is the self-proclaimed marketing guru behind In Your Face Marketing. You may have the duo walking, skating, and segwaying up and down Wilton Drive and around the city.

“I noticed many local businesses were missing out on valuable advertising opportunities in the streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks,” Verrill said. “Inspired to make a difference and be part of the community, an exciting idea struck me one day while sitting with my beloved dog, Doris Day. What if I could create a marketing business where Doris Day could accompany me every day and be an integral part of it?”

After some trial and error, he found the right backpack billboard to wear and advertise local businesses. Between the innovative advertising medium and his adorable sidekick, he’s literally stopping traffic.

“Our presence on the streets has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the community. We engage in countless conversations with passersby, receiving immense support and interest.”

People take videos and pose for selfies, making an ad encounter the most memorable part of their day.

Verrill has several packages he offers to clients and results can be seen quickly. People tell businesses about their encounter and also use gift cards Verrill and Doris hand out. Tack on some word of mouth promotion and you have a new marketing sensation.

Adorable Advertising

Verrill isn’t the only one sporting an electronic backpack. Doris Day has her own pink marketing backpack, playing the same ads as the big marketing backpack she wears after temperatures cool down.

“As she struts her stuff and walks through the streets, she brings joy to people's faces.”

Doris Day goes everywhere with Verrill, so it makes sense they have a job where they can be together all the time.

“When I ask her if she wants to go to work, she gets so excited and runs right to the door, waiting for me to put on her marketing backpack.”

Some dogs may be upset by over stimulation, but not Miss Day.

“She loves people, treats, and lots of kisses. Doris Day not only receives lots of love on the streets but also now lately through the mail from her fans, who send her special gifts. People love taking pictures with Doris Day.”

You can find In Your Face Marketing on Facebook and follow Doris Day on Instagram @DorisDay.1.


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