‘Skintight’ - A Perfect Fit

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This play has everything going for it to make it a success in the South Florida theater market, it’s about Jews and gays, and features a well-built man walking around in a jock strap.

But unlike some other theater companies, there is no gratuitous flesh peddling here. “Skintight” is about something. Actually, it’s about many things, all of which it manages excellently. It's about love versus lust, the strength of long-term relationships, family dynamics, and generational trauma, and yet there are plenty of laughs. Andy Rogow’s direction keeps the action moving, and the tension between the characters taut.

Each of the actors is up to the challenge. Suzanne Ankrum is terrific as the woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown after her husband drops her for a 20-something with big boobs. Steve Schroko as her Calvin Klein/Ralph Lauren fashion mogul father gives a very nuanced performance. Daniel Barrett as her son starts out as a spoiled brat but reveals layers as the play unfolds. Jeff Brackett as good ol’ boy Trey is a bit shaky with his accent (it comes and goes) but is warm and engaging and more than fills out the jock strap. Louis Pedraza and Laura Argo bring dignity and backstories to their housekeeper characters.

Ardean Landhaus’ set, a New York City townhouse worthy of Auntie Mame, is breathtaking and makes Island City’s small space feel expansive. As a critic, it’s hard to write a review that is glowing without sounding like you were hired by the theater company. Well, I do have one complaint, if they could only do something about those croissant crumbs from scene one that sit there for the entire first act…

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