Gen Z So Queer: Study Shows 28% of Young Adults Identify As LGBTQ

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Courtesy of PRISM, a local LGBTQ youth organization.

Generation Queer?

According to a recently released survey, 28% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ+ compared to 16% of Millennials. Those numbers are a stark contrast to 4% of Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation who identify as such. 

“The reality is that people have always been LGBTQ+. The results of this survey don't show an increase in the number of people who are queer, it shows an increase in the number of people who feel safe expressing their full and authentic selves,” said Maxx Fenning, the Executive Director of PRISM. 

The organization works to expand access to LGBTQ-inclusive education and sexual health resources for youth in South Florida. 

“As policymakers in states like Florida create legislation that harms the LGBTQ+ community, they'll have to reckon with just how sizable our community is and how ready we are to show up and stop them,” Fenning said. 

More than 6,600 people were surveyed. It was conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute between late August and mid September of 2023. Gen Z is defined as ages 13-25 in the survey. Only respondents aged 18 and older were asked about their sexual identity. 

"The results showcase the incredible diversity and vibrancy of Gen Z,” said Elijah Manley, a 25-year-old who lives in Fort Lauderdale. “We are the first generation to be empowered to show up as our authentic selves. As a result, we live in a more inclusive society than our parents.” 

A closer look at the results shows that 15% of Gen Z adults identify as bisexual; 5% as gay or lesbian; and 8% as something else. 

Among all adults 10% of the population identify as LGBTQ.

Manley believes these results show that the anti-LGBTQ movement is losing.  

“Right now, our country is facing an unprecedented wave of anti-queer bigotry,” he said. “These survey results show that despite this, the conservative anti-LGBTQ+ movement has lost. As society becomes more inclusive, we will continue to see the rates of queerness increase. We are the most progressive generation in American history, and conservatives are scared of what this may mean for their culture wars.”

Other findings include 21% of Gen Z adults identifying as Republican, 36% as Democrats, 30% as Independent, and 13% as other. 

Only 49% of Gen Z adults believe college is a smart investment while 75% support a $10,000 student loan forgiveness program.

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