‘Cunts for Communism’: Solidarity Gave Free Plan B and Condoms to FAU Students

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    Members of Solidarity teamed up with Advocates for Youth to provide free contraceptive options during the week of Valentine’s Day. Photo courtesy of @sol.fau on Instagram.

    “Cunts for Communism.”  

    That tagline, for many passersby, warranted a double take.

    The tabling event, hosted by Solidarity, provided free condoms and Plan B to bring awareness and education to safer sex.

    “Wrap that before you tap that!” one member advertised.

    Earlier in the semester, Advocates for Youth advertised on their Instagram that they would provide contraceptive products to college organizations, so Solidarity co-chair Logan McGraw decided to sign up.

    Since “Cunts for Communism” landed on the day before Valentine’s Day, other organizations had flowers, chocolates, and other love-themed items while Solidarity members waved around their safe-sex products, trying to grab people’s attention.

    Some Solidarity members strategically moved from their table and distributed contraceptives near a pro-life organization handing out flyers on the Breezeway.

    By the end of the tabling session, Solidarity had given away all the Plan B. The organizers were ecstatic.

    According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that should be taken immediately after unprotected sex and before a fertilized egg implants in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It works by delaying ovulation or potentially blocking fertilization if ovulation has already happened.

    “I like that we are able to do things like this, especially with how expensive everything is,” McGraw said. 

    Solidarity is a student organization that “builds socialism and anarchy through direct action, mutual aid, and education at FAU.”

    When asked about how this event aligns with the goals of Solidarity, McGraw stated that Solidarity is against capitalism and the for-profit system that makes people pay so much money to practice safe sex.

    Planned Parenthood reports that Plan B One-Step typically costs $40-$50, while generic brands tend to be cheaper. Condom prices vary depending on brand, store, and package.

    “[“Cunts for Communism”] was a form of mutual aid,” McGraw said. “If more people see that we are just normal people handing out condoms and Plan B and start to think about why that cannot be the norm, I think we've done a good job.”


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