Harvey Abrams – The Historian

Photo by Carina Mask

Dr. Harvey Abrams has a passion for preserving and sharing LGBT history at his job at Stonewall National Museum, Archives & Library

“It feels a bit unreal as I never expected to be recognized for something I love doing so much,” he said.

Abrams is a volunteer co-chair of the development committee for SNMAL located in Fort Lauderdale. He helps the staff and board of directors to raise money to support its current and future program initiatives and mission.

“I believe that SNMAL’s mission of acquiring, organizing, preserving, and sharing LGBTQ culture and history is vitally important. The source of our community’s strength lies in our rich culture and our glorious history of struggle, accomplishment, and contribution,” he said. “Raising the money that allows SNMAL to fulfill its mission and to expand its reach to others who seek a connection to their LGBTQ past gives me energy and a sense of purpose.”

The work he was most proud of, however, was his job as a dermatologist from 1989 to 1995. The HIV/AIDS epidemic was hitting the gay community hard, he said, and men were exhibiting “head-to-toe” purple lesions of KS and other AIDS-related skin diseases, but no dermatologists would treat them.

“My parents helped me out with some money and I set up an office specifically to welcome and care for HIV/AIDS patients,” Abrams said. “It was the hardest and most fulfilling time in my life.”

He urges everyone to become a member of SNMAL.


“I want to thank SFGN for this honor. I also would like all your subscribers to go to SNMAL’s website (Stonewall-museum.org) and become a member. The programs, exhibits, and service to the LGBTQ community here in South Florida and beyond are well worth the low cost of membership.”

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