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The world woke up on Oct. 7 to the shocking news that Hamas terrorists from Gaza invaded Israel, and went on a killing spree, ravaging villages and towns in southern Israel.

The days-long rampage resulted in the deaths of over 1,300 Jewish men, women, children and infants. Video taken by Hamas killers reveal their singular intent, to murder as many Jews as they could. To add to the tragedy, Hamas terrorists captured over 200 Jewish civilians as hostages, including babies and an elderly Holocaust survivor. Not since the Holocaust have so many Jews been massacred in such a grotesque and sadistic manner. This depraved and unprovoked attack against Jewish civilians was done with no warning, and has burned a deep hole in the souls of every Israeli and Jew.

To be clear, Hamas is a terrorist organization like ISIS, and is backed by Iran. Hamas’ charter calls for the total destruction of Israel, and annihilation of the Jewish people. Israel once again finds itself in an epic struggle for its survival. Those who question the Jewish state’s resolve to defeat Hamas severely underestimate the ability and determination of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect Israel.

Hamas’ despicable acts against Israeli civilians has pushed the entire world into a place of moral clarity, good vs. evil. The war against Hamas will be unlike any battles the Israelis have fought before. Prime Minister Netanyahu has told his nation to prepare for a long war, with many casualties. Israel needs our assistance and support. Now is the time for all of us to stand with Israel. Please consider contributing to relief organizations like UJF of Broward, Feed Israel, and Magen David Alom.

-Steven E. Some


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