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Photo by Carina Mask.

During the recent Wilton Manors Commission workshop April 9 on Public Art, a poem I wrote, “The Bunny On Wilton Drive,” was read to the audience by Commissioner Don D'Arminio. And now, I share it with you.

The Bunny on Wilton Drive

A Poem by Michael Varga

A sculptor shares his Thunder Bunny.

The Blueness of it hints of hidden graces.

Pedestrians pass it daily, hardly looking,

And to them, it seems ever the same fixture.


But as each pair of eyes peer onto its skin,

The bunny becomes someone’s reminder

Of a loved pet, of a favorite book, of a thing

Held tight to the chest, unwilling to let go.

The sculpture becomes the linking form

That ties each person to another.

That blue links to a sky blue and black,

To the Middle River where an old man finds a fish

That feeds the famished diner at the café

Around the corner on Wilton Drive.


We can connect the dots. This day ties

Us to another time before when wise

Ancestors designed a community

Dedicated to a free friending in the whirl

Of crafting lives of risings and fallings.


The sculpture may look the same daily

But each day is new and even that blue-

Ness is a little different to each passerby.

Nothing remains unchanged. The beats

Of our soundtracks retell each tale,

Each one unique, a story ending

In a beginning that looks alike

But differs in some deep soulful spark.


The Thunder Bunny is not silent.

It, like some blinking neon, shouts:

Are you paying attention?

Yes, we have a moment to ponder

What came before, what comes after,

But instead better to focus on this breath,

This whisper of a today too soon over.

Thunder Bunny is a sculpture by Hunt Slonem, on loan to Wilton Manors from New River Fine Art.


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