The Food Truck Store, It’s Not What You Think

Two 4.2 oz patties, American cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Utah Fry Sauce. Photo via The Food Truck Store, Instagram.

Let’s start with what The Food Truck Store is not. It is not a supplier for food trucks.

Why the owners of this Argentinian chain (there are only two franchises in America, Miami and now, Wilton Manors) chose the name is a mystery. It is very confusing. What it is, is a good old-fashioned burger joint celebrating the hamburger (or hamburguesero) in just about every combination you can think of; single, double, or triple patties, with cheese, condiments, and toppings galore, and various kinds of bread and buns. If there’s a way to serve a burger, they’ve got it. For non-red-meat eaters, there’s a chicken breast, for vegetarians, there’s grilled cheese, and for vegans, a Beyond Meat burger.

You order from a touch screen at the entrance and then, supposedly just step up to the cashier to pay your bill. I say supposedly because on the day of our visit, the system wasn’t working very well and if you wanted to pay the cashier, she had to cancel your order and reenter it. After paying your bill, you are given a pager and when your order is ready, you step up to the kitchen window, which is decorated to look like the exterior of a food truck. Your order comes on a little metal platter on a little plastic tray (very federal prison). Condiments, napkins, etc., are on a counter (right next to the trash?!).

There are about two dozen burger options ranging in price from $9 for a plain cheeseburger to $19 for the Chicago burger (two 4 oz. patties, American cheese, thick-cut bacon, fried egg, chopped red onion, and Dijon sauce) and it’s another $3.50 for fries. I ordered the Sweet for $12, a 5.6 oz. patty (obviously weighed before frying because it was much smaller than that by the time it hit my sandwich), American cheese, two slices of thick-cut bacon, and tons of caramelized onions. I don’t usually care for crinkle-cut fries, but these were crispy and so good, I ate them all, calories be damned. The burger tasted like a good greasy-spoon burger, and I mean that as a compliment. All the flavors melted together, and it took multiple napkins to sop up the grease running down my arms. Don’t tell my cardiologist about this review, okay?

My vegetarian husband ordered grilled cheese with a fried egg ($4.25, plus $1.50 for the egg and $3.50 for fries). It was too greasy to eat with his hands, so he had to ask for a knife and fork. Again, not a complaint, it was delicious. There are milkshakes and ice cream for dessert. For a real bargain, try the Pink Goat; a small cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake for $18.99. Think of it as a Happy Meal for grown-ups!

For those seeking something healthy, go elsewhere. The only salad comes topped with fried chicken tenders, and honestly, why would you go to the Truck Stop Store if not to pig out?

The Food Truck Store
1417 NE 26th St., Wilton Manors


Phone: 954-514-7095
Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 2PM


2520 N. Dixie Highway,
Wilton Manors, FL 33305



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