A Trip to Asia (In Davie)

545 Degrees Bánh Mì Café. Photo via 545.cafe.

In the blandly named Carriage Hills Plaza in Davie, at 6451 Stirling Rd., a small mall is filled with Asian restaurants and stores that are a culinary delight.

When my husband and I lived in Chicago, we were a few blocks from the best báhn mì sandwich shop in the Midwest. It was a quick dinner at least once a week. For those not in the know, a báhn mì is a Vietnamese submarine. The traditional version starts with pate, head cheese, and Vietnamese sausage and then is topped with pickled daikon, carrots, and onions. Americanized versions skip the pate and head cheese and use fillings such as Chinese BBQ pork, teriyaki chicken, roast beef, and even grilled tofu.

We’d been searching for a good version and so, when I searched online and found 545 Degrees Bánh Mì Café it seemed like the perfect spot for our next outing with our gal-pal group, Fredda, Katia, Doreen, and Joni. I called ahead to make certain there was seating, and this wasn’t just a take-out place. I was assured there was plenty of seating. We headed out, looking forward to our báhn mì feast. As we pulled into the mall, we were surprised to see a pho restaurant, an Asian donut shop, and a large Asian market as well. Even more surprising 545 Degrees Bánh Mì Café was the smallest storefront, with only one small table inside. It was primarily take-out. 

545 Degrees Bánh Mì Café

We pivoted and headed next door to Pho 79. The friendly staff quickly accommodated our party. We started with three orders of summer rolls, soft noodles filled with julienned veggies, vermicelli, and a choice of pork, shrimp, or tofu. We opted for shrimp. The dish came with a delicious peanut dipping sauce that I could have made a meal of. Three of our party opted for pho, the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup (one each: beef, seafood, and vegetarian), the other three opted for bun, or noodle bowls. There were plenty of leftovers and the bill before tip was less than $30 a couple.

Pho 79

Since we had peeked into the donut shop, there was no way we were leaving without dessert. MaMa YaTai is a bit more confusing. According to its website, it serves Japanese corndogs, yakitori, ramen, and doughnuts. However, most of the space is devoted to a donut display. There are no menus to indicate ramen or yakitori, but there is a poster showing corndogs coated with everything from Flaming Hot Cheetos to tempura. It didn’t matter, we were there for the donuts, the majority of which are presented as a ring of globes topped or glazed with the most decadent ingredients. Others are more like pillows, filled with wonderful gooeyness. We bought half a dozen and took some home for breakfast over the next two days and they stayed remarkably fresh. I had a cake-type doughnut topped with Snicker pieces that night and a ginger hard glazed goodie for breakfast the following morning. My hubby got a guava and cheese stuffed pillow that night.

MaMa YaTai

Before we headed home, my hubby and I were still jonesing for our báhn mì fix. We were too full to eat it then and we knew it wouldn’t be as good the next day, but we didn’t care. We both headed into 545 Degrees Bánh Mì Café, along with our friend Doreen, and ordered sandwiches to go. I am happy to say that, even cold, the next day, the bánh mì from 545 Degrees matched the best we’d had in Chicago. While it may not be as conveniently located, you can be certain we will be making many more trips for when we’re craving for a bánh mì.


Phone: 954-514-7095
Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 2PM


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