OutSFL to Launch OutFAU in January

Education is under attack in Florida from elected Republicans. Higher education has long been immune to such pressure from conservatives, but not anymore.

Over the past couple of years Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed bills into several laws which take direct aim at universities such as dismantling diversity initiatives on campus and prohibiting any instruction that makes anyone feel “guilt, anguish or other psychological distress” related to race, color, national origin or sex because of actions “committed in the past.”

Some of these laws are clearly unconstitutional, but even if they’re put on hold in the short term, it’ll take years to work their ways through the courts. The damage though is already done. These laws are meant to send a chilling effect through our entire education system. It worked.

With that in mind, OutSFL has decided to launch a student publication on the campus of Florida Atlantic University to educate, inform, expose and more.

Right-wing fanatics wish to silence and erase the LGBTQ community – from our history and culture to everything in between.

LGBTQ students need a voice. And we will be that voice.

We hope our advertisers will support us in this endeavor and see this as an opportunity as well – to put themselves and their brand in front of Gen Z.

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