The DeSantis Defiers: Meet 5 LGBT Activists Who Are Giving the Governor Hell

From left: photo courtesy of Zander Moricz, photo courtesy of Eleanor McDonough, photo via Javier Gomez, Facebook, photo via Darcel Stevens, Facebook, and photo via Wayne Besen, Facebook.
(Photo illustration by Julie Palmer)

Last year, Politico declared that Ron DeSantis was “arguably the most powerful governor in Florida’s history.” 

The Pulitzer Prize-winning website quoted an anonymous Florida legislator: “It’s well-known you can’t go against him. If you cross him once, you’re dead.”

Meet 5 LGBT activists who have crossed DeSantis – and lived to talk about it. In fact, they’ve become well-known for going against the governor. And they’re not going to stop.

Not when DeSantis just expanded the infamous “Don’t Say Gay” law from elementary to high schools. That was followed by his signing of House Bill 1521, which declares there will be “exclusive use of restrooms by gender.” And if someone tells a trans person to leave the restroom, they must “immediately depart.”

Call it “Don’t See Pee.”

Out South Florida reached out to several communities to compile a list of those taking on DeSantis.

“I’ve been a journalist for 15 years, and I’ve seen my share of bigoted government leaders,” Out South Florida Publisher Jason Parsley says. “I’ve just never seen one so openly proud of his bigotry. There’s no shortage of excellent reporting that exposes DeSantis for who he is, but there hasn’t been much reporting about those who are fighting against him.”

Here are five of those fighters, each battling in their own way.

Wayne Besen

Eleanor McDonough

Zander Moricz

Javier Gomez

Darcel Stevens


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