Out Abroad: Vatican Denounces Gender-affirming Surgery; Athlete Suspended After Homophobic Slur

Pope Francis. Photo by La Cancillería de Ecuador, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Vatican denounced gender-affirming surgery, an Australian athlete was suspended after using a homophobic slur, and activists in Hong Kong say its ID-change policy falls short.

Vatican Denounces Gender-Affirming Surgery

In a new document endorsed by Pope Francis, The Vatican declared gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy to be “grave violations of human dignity.”

According to Al Jazeera, the 20-page Dignitas infinita, or Infinite Dignity, reaffirms the church’s long-held opposition to abortion and euthanasia but also rejects the gender theory, or the idea that one’s gender can be changed.

The document says that God created man and woman, and they are supposed to be biologically different beings. It states that people must not tinker with that plan or try to “make oneself God.”

The Infinite Dignity continued by declaring that surrogate parenting violates the dignity of the surrogate mother and the child, and urged a global ban.

Athlete Suspended After Using Homophobic Slur


Photo by Flickerd, via Wikimedia Commons.

Jeremy Finlayson, an Australian Football League (AFL) player, accepted a three-match suspension for using a homophobic slur. The athlete later admitted that the slur was “hurtful and totally unacceptable.”

According to Pink News, umpire microphones caught the language that Finlayson used towards an Essendon opponent at Adelaide Oval during a match with his team.

“I unreservedly apologize again to the Essendon player, my teammates, Port Adelaide members and supporters and the LGBTQIA+ community for the distress I have caused,” said Finlayson, Pink News reported.

“I accept the AFL’s sanction and now look forward to reflecting on my behavior and seeking education to improve myself and understand the impact such comments can have on the broader community.”

Activists Say Hong Kong’s ID-Change Policy Falls Short


Photo via Henry Tse, Facebook.

Hong Kong is no longer requiring transgender people to undergo full gender-affirmation surgery before they can change their gender on IDs. However, activists still feel as if the new change continues to “violate the bodily integrity” of trans people.

Before, a trans individual seeking the ID change had to have procedures that included the removal of their internal reproductive organs and required the construction of a penis or “some form of a penis” or the removal of the penis and testes and the construction of a vagina.

According to Pink News, under the new policy, trans people no longer need to receive this extensive medical procedure to apply for a gender marker change.

Now, transgender men must undergo top surgery while trans women must have bottom surgery. Hormone replacement therapy is also required.

“The new policy does not mean that all the discrimination and harm caused by the long delay will be wiped out,” said Henry Tse a transgender man who launched the appeal which sparked this change, as reported by Pink News.

“We do not see the justifications but [do see] the contravention of individuals’ rights, forcing them to take unnecessary medical tests and their right to privacy.”


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