Out Abroad: Romania's PM Speaks on Same-sex Couples; Russia Files Lawsuit Concerning LGBTQ Community

Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Ciolacu. Photo by Bogdan2020B, via Wikimedia Commons.

The prime minister of Romania discusses the topic of same-sex couples, Russia files a lawsuit that concerns the LGBTQ community, and a pro-LGBTQ band is set for Malaysia despite opposition.

Prime Minister of Romania Speaks On Same-Sex Couples

The Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Ciolacu, said the country is not ready to uphold the rights of same-sex couples.

While homosexuality is no longer criminalized, marriages and civil unions between same-sex couples are still not permitted.

"I am not a closed-minded person, I have friends in relationships with a man, I don't have a problem with that, I am talking now from the point of view of a prime minister," Ciolacu said in an interview with Europa FM.

According to Reuters, in May, Romania failed to enforce the rights of same-sex couples.

There have been three legislative proposals to change this practice. Some are going through parliamentary approval committees and four similar draft laws have been rejected.

Russia Files Lawsuit Concerning LGBTQ Community

Igor Kochetkov of Russian LGBT Network. Photo by AlteraCultura, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Russian justice ministry filed a lawsuit this week labeling the “international LGBT public movement” as an extremist group. If successful, this will further suppress the LGBTQ community in Russia.

According to The Guardian, the ministry did not clarify what all was included under the “international LGBT public movement” or how the designation would apply.

“This ideology is becoming totalitarian,” said Igor Kochetkov, the head of the rights group Russian LGBT Network. Kochetkov told the public that “there is no such thing as an international LGBT movement” and that this lawsuit would make legal activities of LGBT organizations “impossible in Russia”.

Russia’s supreme court is expected to consider the lawsuit later this month.

Pro-LGBTQ Band Set For Malaysia Despite Opposition

Coldplay. Photo by Raph_PH, via Wikimedia Commons.

Coldplay is set to perform in Malaysia despite opposition from conservative Muslims about the band’s support for the LGBTQ community.

However, The Guardian reported that the band could face a “kill switch” that will cut the entire show off if the band offends Muslim culture.

The “kill switch” is a new feature introduced by Deputy Communications and Digital minister Teo Nie Ching. Now, concert organizers must have “a kill switch that will cut off electricity during any performance if there is any unwanted incident,” said the ruling.

This ruling came after The 1975 concert in July where two members of the band, who were of the same-sex, kissed.

“The prime minister has also said the band is very supportive of Palestine. So, we are upbeat about the concert today,” Fahmi Fadzilit, another Communications and digital minister, told The Guardian.

Support for Palestine might not be enough as Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, the Information Chief of the Islamic party PAS, told Parliament, “This is not about whether they purely support the Palestinian cause or not but the issue of hedonism culture that they bring to our community.”


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