Out Abroad: LGBTQ Bar In Ireland Rebrands; Lesbian Couple Wins IVF Legal Ruling in Hong Kong

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 An LGBTQ bar in Ireland removes all Pride decor, a lesbian couple wins IVF legal ruling in Hong Kong, and Turkey's president complains about "LGBTQ colors" at UN.

LGBTQ Bar In Ireland Rebrands, Drag Performer Displaced

The only remaining LGBTQ bar in Cork, Ireland, suddenly changed their name and removed all pride decor.

According to GCN, Chambers, now called Sinners, has been a safe space for LGBTQ people in the republic since 2006.

One of the bar's regular drag performers, Krystal Queer, discovered the change when she went to perform her weekly show.

“The queer aesthetic for this queer venue had been completely eradicated,” said Queer.

The performer learned via “word of mouth” that her weekly drag show was cut.

“My main source of income had been slashed in the blink of an eye with no compassion and no notice.”

Many speculate that the bar changed its brand to appeal to a wider audience.

Lesbian Couple Wins IVF Legal Ruling In Hong Kong


Image by drobotdean on Freepik.

Celebrations are in order after a court in Hong Kong sided with a married lesbian couple fighting to have parental status over their child, who was born through reciprocal IVF.

According to Pink News, reciprocal IVF allows both women to participate in the pregnancy, with one supplying the egg and the other bearing the child.

Evelyn Tsao, the couple’s lawyer, said the ruling was “one giant step for the rainbow families in our LGBTQ community.”

“For the first time, the court expressly states that children of same-sex couples are discriminated by the current legislation,” said Tsao.

Currently, 60% of people in Hong Kong are in support of same-sex marriage, an all-time high for the country.

Turkey's President Complains About ‘LGBT Colors’ at UN


Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey. Photo by President.gov.ua, Wikimedia Commons.

Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey, said that he was uncomfortable with the use of, what he refers to as, “LGBT colors” at the United Nations who decorated a hall with bright colors to promote their Sustainable Development Goals.

According to Reuters, Turkish media reported that Erdoğan said he would have liked to discuss the color usage with U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres.

"One of the issues that bothers me the most ... is that when entering the United Nations General Assembly, you see the LGBT colors on steps and other places … how many LGBT are there in the world right now? However much right they have on these steps, those against LGBT have as much right as well," said Erdoğan.

Currently, Turkey’s government has toughened its stance on LGBTQ rights. It is not a crime to be a homosexual in the country, but the overall acceptance of LGBTQ people is not welcoming and police crackdowns at Pride parades have worsened.

Diplomats with the United Nations said the 17 different colors that are on display are associated with the Sustainable Development Goals and not with the rainbow Pride colors that represent LGBTQ rights.


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