Wilton Manors City Commission Mulls Transit Safety

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The city of Wilton Manors has been working with Broward County for years to make the area’s main thoroughfares safer. The county has often said many of the requests were impossible. Now, another official is saying: possibly.

At their meeting on Nov. 14, a representative from the Metropolitan Planning Association (MPA) updated commissioners on the Transportation Master Plan (MPO). Among areas in Wilton Manors, they are looking at Andrews Ave., 26th St., Powerline Rd., and Dixie Hwy.

Many of the proposed studies and solutions have been under consideration for years. However, some popped up this time that caught commissioners by surprise. Some of the city’s requests have been denied and called “unfeasible” by the county, but many are now back on the table.

The study is not just for Wilton but for all Broward, and like all major projects, things change. This time, it appears the changes swing towards the city’s wants.

Here are a few of the myriad, highly detailed ideas.

Dixie, South of Five Points

This area is tricky because the road is one way in each direction, and traffic can quickly back up when a long and/or slow train is passing by. Plans include signage to encourage alternate routes to destinations, raised intersections, and improve sidewalks as properties redevelop.

Dixie, North of Five Points

This section is five lanes (including a turn lane). The current plan would construct a median, creating a “right in, right out” traffic pattern, and create a sidewalk on the east side of the road.

NE 26th St. West of Five Points

This is where the street narrows from five lanes down to two. A wider, less obstructed sidewalk and better signage to alternate routes are suggested. A speed hump is also encouraged to calm traffic.

NE 26th St. East of Five Points

This stretch would use better lighting to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists at night. A raised intersection is included as well as more crossings. A crossing at the lot with Holy Mackerel was once a non-starter. The county is now looking at it as a real possibility.

Andrews Avenue

Plans for Andrews are to connect east and west Wilton Manors and redesign the road to accommodate anticipated mixed-use development. They would also better define the odd little "inlet" leading into The Woods condominiums. Medians could also be added to calm traffic.

Powerline Road

This stretch on the west side has developed like the wild west: long term planning was delayed in favor of an ad hoc approach over the decades. The plan specifically calls for a redesign of the road to acknowledge the realities of residential development. It would also lower the speed limit to 30mph.


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