Record Budget For Wilton Manors

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A record budget of $52 million is poised to be passed by the Wilton Manors city commission. At their special meeting on Sept. 13, commissioners took input from the public and took preliminary votes for funding the city’s new fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1.

The budget and mileage rates both passed on 4–1 votes, with Commissioner Don D’Arminio dissenting in both cases. He believes the rates could be lowered to give a small break to taxpayers, and also wants the city to, at least partially, return to a five-day work week and make services available on Fridays.

The rate reduction proposal generated the most discussion. The rate that passed will result in a small increase for the average, homesteaded property owner. A reduction would see a small decrease. Other commissioners, led by Mayor Scott Newton, say lowering the rate now could mean a big increase next year.

Newton said once new revenue from proposed developments starts, in a few years, is the time for lowering taxes. Essentially, he said don’t count your property tax eggs before they’re hatched.

Commissioner Chris Caputo also raised the issue of funding projects that need long term maintenance. Issues such as a roof on a city building. It has a life of about 20 years, but the city may not be putting money away and risks big expenditures. It is a bit like a condo association deciding if it’s going to fund its reserves.

Rather than disrupt this current budget process, they decided to address ways to deal with the problem during a budget workshop.

There were also calls to end the use of the utility fund as a revenue source for non-related projects. That, too, will be discussed at a later date.

Special assessments for the fire department and one solely for the residents of Jenada Isle passed with minimal discussion.

A second vote is required to pass the budget, and that vote, along with another round of public comments, is scheduled for Sept. 26, at 6:30 p.m. in the city commission chambers at City Hall.


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