Liens, Stonewall, and Budget. Here's Your Commission Meeting Recap

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Funding cost overruns, lowering expectations for Stonewall, and giving the community more input. Wilton Manors’ city commission met for less than an hour at the meeting on April 23, but they took care of a lot of business.

Most notably, the panel wants to change how liens for code violations are appealed. At the previous meeting, commissioners came down hard on a property management company that accumulated months of fines. In a rare move, they raised the amount owed. But that only happened after someone in the audience shouted out new information.

Now the dias is considering a change to the appeals process. In addition to general public comments early in the meeting, they may allow public comments specifically on liens.

As a condition of becoming a sponsor of this summer’s Stonewall Pride, the city demanded organizers put up a $160,000 bond in case cash falls short for a second year in a row.

An updated look at finances and projected costs came in under expectations, and the bond was reduced to $110,000.

Commissioners also approved more money for certain parts of the city’s budget. The Fire Assessment Fund was given an additional $56,020. The Miscellaneous Grants Fund increased $34,416. The Capital Improvement Fund went up by $6,000.

Utility funds for water, sewer, and drainage were increased $50,000.


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