What’s DeSantis Up To? Politico Speculates

Gov. Ron DeSantis. Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is no longer running for president, but Politico questions his motives in a recently published article.

The story “‘Cheaper than therapy’: Why DeSantis keeps bickering with Trump – The Florida governor seems to be running for ... something,” speculates as to why DeSantis is continuing his feud with former President Donald Trump.

For example, the article points out during a recent call with DeSantis’ pledged delegates the former candidate shot down any speculation that he would serve as Trump’s vice president. He also warned the former president against using “identity politics” in choosing a VP. He also blamed Trump’s campaign team for relentlessly attacking him during the primary.

This call happened the same week DeSantis traveled to Indiana and South Carolina, where he pushed for states to back a constitutional amendment setting congressional term limits.

Politico also reported that during a recent press conference DeSantis hinted he’d run for president all over again.

“DeSantis seems to be liberated since the campaign ended,” one source told Politico. “Even toward the end he was a better candidate than he had been, seemingly unburdened by expectations or contorted strategies. I would think his criticisms of Trump and conservative media are sincere.”

Trump’s team did not let DeSantis’ comments to delegates go unchallenged.

A top Trump strategist, Chris LaCivita, called the governor a “sad little man” on social media while Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung said “Ron tucked his tail between his legs and he should have scurried off into the shadows of obscurity."

Another source told Politico: “I believe everything you’re seeing is part of a concerted effort by DeSantis world to keep the door open in the event that something in the race changes in the coming weeks that takes Trump out — like a criminal conviction and jail or prison sentence.”


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