Morphine Love Dion Wants You To Come To Florida To ‘Celebrate Being Queer!'

Morphine Love Dion. Courtesy of World of Wonder/MTV.

After roaring through almost all the signature “RuPaul’s Drag Race" challenges (and some pretty epic lip syncs) Morphine Love Dion departed "Drag Race" on a true high.

From getting a quick Untucked visit from her mother, the Florida sensation Athena Dion to becoming a late season lip sync assassin, Dion has shown that she has the chops for superstardom post-Drag Race. I caught up with Morphine to dish on her Florida sisters, the unique place she has in the competition after scoring no main challenge wins, and what challenge she still feels she didn’t completely fall short on.

Michael Cook: Condragualtions on an absolutely amazing showing on "RuPaul’s Drag Race" Season 16! What does it feel like looking back at your experience?

Morphine Love Dion: You know, for a queen with zero wins and zero mini challenge wins, I feel like it’s iconic to still have me in the Top Five. I am really happy and proud of myself that I made it this far. I represented Miami in the best way and even while filming, I had such a great time. It just feels amazing to be a part of something that I’ve always wanted to be a part of, and to have had such an amazing time and run on the show. The fan reaction has been tremendous also. I’m just really happy.

MC: People seemed really gagged during the final episode when you were discussing your tucking process. Why do you think that was?

MLD: Right? That is how all of my trans brothers, sisters, and mothers have shown me how to tuck. Girl… As a queen who does have a meaty tuck, I do tuck wrong sometimes. I was portraying the way that one of my mother’s tucks. One day we were in a dressing room and she said, “Daughter, this is how you do it.” And that was how I did it!

MC: Speaking of mothers, one thing that was truly heartwarming was seeing your own drag mother Athena Dion appear on the screen during Untucked. What was that moment like for you?

MLD: I feel like she gave me the energy to do the “Body” lip sync by Meghan The Stallion; it made me want to keep going. Seeing her after so long, I was back home; it was home. When you’re there, it’s a whole different world, atmosphere and universe. I kind of forgot about my home here, who lives here, where I was from, so she brought me back. She is also my best friend, my drag mother, and someone that I talk to every single day. Seeing her was just so special; I don’t cry and that one made me cry.

MC: What are your rose and thorn of your entire "RuPaul’s Drag Race" experience?

MLD: I think that my highs were definitely lip-syncing, that is what I do best. Shows, performances, and lip syncs are my highs. I think my lows are definitely Snatch Game, which we don’t talk about (laughs), and definitely getting put low for the makeover challenge. I don’t think I deserved that, but you know what, it happened already and it’s fine. I still think I did a pretty good job regardless.

MC: The R House/Palace rivalry of Miami Beach is already legendary, but between you and Mhi’ya having that epic lip sync and both being lip sync assassins of the season, it definitely seems like Miami Beach made themselves seem this season!

MLD: Mhi’ya passed me the crown and scepter when she left; she said here you go, take it and run-and that’s what I did!

MC: What was it like having a Miami Beach sister in the competition with you, but someone that you were going to end up competing directly against in a now legendary lip sync?

MLD: Well I can’t comment too much on the rivalry stuff, but it’s a known thing. I think whoever did that, mama props, they should get a raise, Putting an R House girl and a Palace girl together in a lip sync without them knowing each other like that, that’s sickening. That’s like a different world also, I mean we got so close on the show she was talking all that smack, only for me to send her home. So you know, what, I’m proud of that. That’s my sister and we love to fight, cut up, and kiki!

MC: Looking back, what is the challenge on "RuPaul’s Drag Race" that you truly loved and enjoyed the most?

MLD: Other than the makeover challenge, because I don’t care if that’s the one that I went home during or not, I still think I did a good job and I would do it again and again. Bestides that, I would say the “Power” performance. I think that I did so well there and normally I don’t write lyrics, rap or sing, I was like “Damn this is fun”! Any choreography challenges, put me in there, I’m there.

MC: What’s next for Morphine Love Dion?

MLD: I want to do so many things. I want to work on music now, some tunes, a Morphine Love Dion album, all that stuff. In the works, I am possibly doing makeup stuff, I can’t say too much. YouTube videos and content so the fans can learn and have a great time watching me talk all the shit that I can talk.

I also want to do huge giant events in Miami where queer culture is celebrated and loved. I feel that Miami is more touristy than people going to watch drag shows in a sense. New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago have these big events for drag, and we’re kind of missing that a little bit. I want to bring that here, having three ”Drag Race” girls in Miami, we could really build something together.

MC: As one of the predominant queens in Florida, your perspective on your state is going to be so powerful. What do you say to the people that are still apprehensive about coming to Florida due to the polarization of it politically and the challenges that LGBTQ community has recently faced there?

MLD: I always say that Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are like separate entities of Florida, so as long as you’re in those places you’re good (laughs). I always say that as a joke because people are so terrified to come to Florida and I’m like, don’t be girl! It’s fun, it’s amazing, there is so much to love here. There is so much beautiful drag, so many beautiful people. I say come here have a good old kiki, have a good time, and let’s just celebrate being queer!

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