Miz Cracker Hits The Road For A Drag Queen Christmas

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No matter what holiday you celebrate, A Drag Queen Christmas is ready to take the holiday season and put a spectacular spin on it.

With talented performers like RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 winner Sasha Colby, Season 14 stunner Luxx Noir London, All Stars 5 finalist Miz Cracker, and All Stars 8 winner Jimbo, expect each doll to deliver the holidays in their own patented way. I spoke with Miz Cracker as she prepared to hit the road and she told me what fans can expect during the nationwide A Drag Queen Christmas tour and how she sees drag evolving as an art form.

Michael Cook: One of the best things about A Drag Queen Christmas is the diverse group of performers on the roster for the nationwide tour.

Miz Cracker: Really, yes! Every style, every background, each with something to bring to the table. And it’s really so wonderful.

MC: Is there anyone that is on the tour with you that you haven’t worked with yet that you are super amped to get to work with on the tour of A Drag Queen Christmas?

M. Cracker: Sasha Colby and I have never worked together and I have heard such amazing things about working with her. She made such a splash as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 and I am so excited to see people like her on this tour take the stage.

MC: You are a proud Jewish American performer and having you on the A Drag Queen Christmas tour adds to the wonderful diversity of the tour, as well as you being a fan favorite in your own right. What is it like for you to be a part of this amazing tour?

M. Cracker: I think everyone is on this tour to make fun of the holidays and to make fun of holiday cheer, time with family, all of that. I think that there is definitely a place for me as a Jewish queen to offer my own take on Christmas which is definitely what I will be doing.

MC: What does the Miz Cracker household’s take on Christmas? For many Jewish families, they enjoy the parts of the holiday season that work wonderfully for them.

M. Cracker: For me, Christmas has not been a real part of my nuclear family life. I like to look at the traditions and see what is hilarious in them. I like to see what Christmas traditions have in common with Hanukah traditions. This whole tour is a bunch of different people really coming at the holidays from totally different angles.

MC: From Jimbo to Jessica Wild to Sasha Colby to yourself, everyone on the tour has truly their own style, aesthetic and perspectives. Since your time on RuPaul’s Drag Race for Season 10 as well as All Stars 5, how do you see that the world of drag has totally changed?

M. Cracker: Drag has become an industry on the global main stage and that means that there are more queens than ever and more pressure than ever to create something spectacular if you want to stand out. I think we’re going to see every one of the queens on this tour pull out all the stops to create something outrageous that is going to stand out in a world where drag is everywhere already.

MC: These tours truly allow performers to present themselves in the most amazing way possible without the added pressure of it being The Miz Cracker Show and having to carry the show in its entirety.

M. Cracker: Absolutely. On these tours, because we are on a bus for weeks and weeks on end, there is a sisterhood that comes with surviving the rigors of touring. Obviously there are so many wonderful experiences and inside jokes that we like to share with the audience. It's about more than the performances even, it's about the togetherness that we have on the tour. I think that is really a perfect way to celebrate the end of the year, the holiday season, no matter who you are or what you celebrate.

MC: That bring the question; what are the rose and thorn of sharing a bus with some of the biggest and most talented drag performers in the world as you travel the nation?

M. Cracker: The rose of it is that you have a built-in family wherever you go, and that is amazing. The thorn is that you have a built-in family wherever you go (laughs)! We love our family, but we don’t want to see them twenty four-seven, but that is exactly what we will be doing (laughs)!

MC: Your lip sync with Roxxxy Andrews to Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” during All Stars 5 is often seen as one of the best lip syncs in Drag Race herstory and is constantly viewed online. Do you look back on that performance with as much reverence as the fandom does?

M. Cracker: Oh yeah, that was so much fun. I love Roxxxy Andrews, everyone loves Roxxxy Andrews. It was an honor just to share the stage with her.

MC: From New York City to around the globe, you have seen drag evolve from the inside, and you most likely have a very unique perspective. What do you think the next frontier for drag is?

M. Cracker: I think the next phase for drag is to become more inclusive. I look at queens like Victoria Scone in the UK who is an a-fab queen, Danny Beard who is a bearded queen, even queens like Jimbo are opening the doors for a greater variety of drag to find its way into the drag world. After a long while where the emphasis was on polish, cuntiness and fashion, they are going to bring a sense of humor, a sense of grit and a sense of diversity to the stage. And Sasha Colby is included in that also, seeing more inclusiveness than ever before. I will say, if drag does not find their way to that moment, then it will see its end. It will only continue breathing and growing if it becomes inclusive and loving and that spirit is part of this tour. It’s hopefully something that goes out to the audiences when we need it the most.

Follow Miz Cracker on Instagram @miz_cracker.

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