Mirage On Her 'Drag Race' Exit and Vegas Drag

Mirage. Courtesy of MTV/World of Wonder.

From India Ferrah to Anetra, Las Vegas has delivered some stunning queens to "RuPaul's Drag Race" and without a doubt, Mirage is one of those performers. While her time on Season 16 was cut short (after a very emotional Lip Sync For Your Life), Mirage has pivoted to looking towards the future and reflecting on the positive aspects of her experience. I sat down to chat with Mirage about the "Drag Race" moments she loved, the challenge she wished she got to participate in, and the "Drag Race" alumni that helped her prepare for the competition.

Michael Cook: How do you look back on your "RuPaul’s Drag Race" experience?

Mirage: It went way too fast, obviously. It was crazy and a whirlwind. I felt like I walked into the werkroom, they spun me around 27 times, gave me a couple of House of Love cocktails, and sent me home. It was just so “Boom boom boom” and done; It’s like I don't even remember it!

MC: Your final lip sync was beyond emotional for a litany of reasons. But for you, what do you think your rose and thorn was of your “Drag Race” experience?

M: This is cheesy, but I would say meeting everybody and being a part of it, of course. Being able to walk away with new relationships with people that I respect and people that respect what I do; I could not ask for more. Nobody knew what was going to happen, and the fact that we have the respect of each other is what means the most I think.

As for the thorn, besides the obvious, the thorn is the feeling of being cut short.

MC: You mentioned building new relationships with your cast. Who do you think you got to vibe with and really create a relationship with from your cast?

M: There are so many, really. It’s hard to pick just one, because it’s really all of them. I just got off the phone with Amanda (Tori Meating), she is here in the hotel with me. Plane Jane also. Really those two though, and also Q.

MC: Las Vegas has a very large drag footprint. Is that where you fell in love with drag and Mirage was formed?

M: Yes, it was. At some of the sketchiest dive bars around town. I feel like I am the most Vegas queen so far; as far as working around the city, being from Vegas, and really starting my drag career there.

MC: Ive also heard that some "RuPaul’s Drag Race" legends helped you get ready for your own moment in the spotlight, is that true?

M: Yes, yes they did! Alexis Mateo was one of the biggest helps. I would say Alexis and Anetra were the people that helped me the most. Anetra was literally at my house helping me sew a couple of days before when I was struggling to get down to the wire. Alexis loaned me jewelry and let me borrow shoes. Actually, the shoes that I wore for the first runway, the showgirl shoes that everyone is making fun of, you’re making fun of Alexis Mateo I hope you know (laughs)! I mean, she is the showgirl of showgirls, of course I am going to wear her shoes!

MC: After last weeks lip sync to Cher's iconic "Dark Lady" and very emotional elimination, youve definitely gotten some social media attention. What do you want to do with this newfound attention?

M: I have been feeling a tug towards making music. I never thought that it was something I ever thought I would do, but I also never thought that I would be doing drag as a career. I just really feel like I am going where life is taking me at the moment.

MC: Despite your elimination, you are truly, in fact, a showgirl. Its surprising to hear that drag was not your first career choice.

M: I was doing hair and makeup and I kind of fell into drag. I never thought that this was going to be my life, but I love it. I think with the Vegas drag scene, we are working four to five nights a week. That is where it just kind of took over my life, but I love it.

MC: There are so many challenges when it comes to “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and some of them are both fan and contestant favorites. What is one challenge that you did not get to participate in that you wish you had?

M: The makeover; the makeover challenge! I love getting other people in drag, it is so fun seeing people get into drag for the first time and to see how their demeanor changes. It really brings something else out in you. I love doing that, I don't get the chance to do it very often.

MC: What is something that we didn't get to see out of you during your “RuPaul's Drag Race” journey?

M: I love what I do. And I want to share it with everybody. I am not trying to be super crazy and different, that's the gag! I just want to work and do my job and have fun … and make everybody else have fun!

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