Florida Among Worst States for LGBTQ Community

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The 2024 LGBTQ+ State Safety Report Cards by SafeHome.org ranks Florida as the second-worst state for LGBTQ+ behind only South Dakota. Nine states received an F, while another nine got a D+ or worse.

The report has a lot to say about Florida.

“In the second-worst spot for LGBTQ+ safety comes Florida, which has one of the worst legal environments and ranked dead last in participation rates for law enforcement agency crime reporting,” according to the report. “Last year, Florida was the 15th worst state in our ranking, but newer and harsher legislation contributed to its plummeting safety score.”

It goes on to remind the world what LGBTQ Floridians are living through: the “Don’t Say Gay” law, book bans, medical restrictions and obstacles for trans youth and adults, misgendering of students in public schools, and more. It also cites 2023’s ban on drag entertainment, which is on hold by a federal court.

This comes on the heels of a GLAAD report showing that social media is an especially dangerous place for LGBTQ, and a warning from the State Department that LGBTQ travelers abroad are at increased risk of terrorist attacks.

Aside from the morally abhorrent nature of the attacks, it is also hitting Florida’s bottom line. Many organizations pulled events and conventions out of Broward County, and the true loss will never be known, since it’s impossible to know which groups never even considered South Florida due to oppressive laws.

Richard Gray, Visit Lauderdale’s Senior Vice President, Inclusion & Accessibility, says they are working against the current and show that, at least in Broward County, everyone is welcome.

“Visit Lauderdale is committed to working against the prevailing negative narrative regarding the LGBTQ community by continuing to globally promote inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance. Broward County actively supports LGBTQ+ events, organizations, and initiatives to create a welcoming environment for all. By showcasing the positive aspects of LGBTQ+ culture and highlighting the contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals, Fort Lauderdale challenges stereotypes and promotes a greater understanding and acceptance,” said Gray. “We are proud to be the LGBTQ+ capital of Florida, with hundreds and hundreds of LGBTQ+ owned and operated business that are thriving.” 

To read the report and see the methodology, visit SafeHome.org.


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