'Technically Yours' - Longing, Spice and Chemistry

"Technically Yours" by Denise Williams.

If you're searching for a book that is filled with chemistry and longing, but is set in a world of a diverse reality, then check out "Technically Yours" by Denise Williams.

What was the inspiration behind your most recent book?

My most recent book, “Technically Yours”, has lived in my head and as a draft since 2019. The two main characters, Pearl and Cord, were side characters in “The Fastest Way to Fall”, my sophomore novel. This was before I’d signed a book deal, before I knew anyone would ever read these books. From its inception, I knew this would be a love story full of chemistry and longing, but I also knew it would be set in a world that reflected a diverse reality and show the role of mentoring for young people. Tye, Pearl’s sister’s child, is one of my favorite characters, and they always were. Tye is 15, meddling, funny, and knows they have a great future ahead. That confidence is what both of the adult main characters discover through the book.

When it comes to the literary world, why do you think supporting diverse stories and featuring different types of characters with different backgrounds in novels is so important?

Novels, for so many, are an escape, a fantasy, a world to sink into and when those worlds showcase diverse stories, diverse characters, and diverse perspectives, more people will get to see themselves in the fantasy, and we’ll all get to see diverse stories and perspectives as worthy of escape, joy, and wonder. That’s important for us all.

What does representation in books mean to you?

To me, representation in books means giving space and visibility to people who have often been made to seem invisible. For too long, queer people, people of color, color with disabilities, and so many more were pushed to the margins of stories or left out of them all together. In romance, representation is showing that all the people mentioned above have epic love stories, sizzling chemistry, and stories that deserve to be spotlighted.

Tell us a little more about the book and why you decided to write it, or how the story came to you?

“Technically Yours” is a second-chance romance set in a non-profit geared toward supporting kids with marginalized identities as they explore careers in tech. I’ve worked with college students for 20 years and been blessed to mentor, be mentored, run mentoring programs and see the impact good mentoring can have on everyone involved. That’s how the idea of where to set the story came to me.

What can fans expect from your book and its story?

Fans can expect longing, spice and chemistry, and a love story 10 years in the making. I describe Cord as a recovering people pleaser, and he’s figured out what it means to take care of those he loves and himself. Pearl is walking the line so many women have to walk — finding the balance of professional success and personal fulfillment. I also think fans can expect to laugh and ultimately fall in love.

What's up next for you in the bookish world?

My next novel will be out fall 2024. “Just Our Luck” is a fake dating story between a lottery winner and a donut shop owner, and it’s set in my town of Des Moines, Iowa. I think fans will have a lot of fun with these two who couldn’t be on more different paths, but who both realize the other person is the one who makes them feel like they’re heading in the right direction. And don’t we all hope for that in our own love stories?


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