'The Daughter of Doctor Moreau'

"The Daughter of Doctor Moreau" by Silvia Moreno García.

 "The Daughter of Doctor Moreau" by Silvia Moreno García is inspired by "The Island of Doctor Moreau," but with a lot more characters who do not appear in the original.

What has inspired your characters in your books?

The cast of "The Daughter of Doctor Moreau" is loosely inspired by "The Island of Doctor Moreau" by H.G. Wells, although I've also created many characters that were not included in the original, for example, the titular daughter. By changing the context of the book to 19th century Mexico all characters acquire a different dimension from the original source.
Your writing style is one that pulls the reader into the narrative, as the characters discover themselves and undergo certain struggles. How do you go about creating these stories with these characters?
I like to talk to myself to figure out the mannerisms of characters and act out scenes.
What is your favorite part of the writing process?
The research. I like wading through mountains of papers and books.
Which character has been the hardest to write and why?
The latest book I'm working on is always the hardest.
Do you have any rituals for your writing process? Silence, music, or anything else that you might need to get in the zone?
No, I think a working writer has to be versatile and not depend on very specific conditions being available. For example, only being able to write when you have a vanilla scented candle nearby, etc.


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