'Fate Breaker' - A Rollercoaster Adventure

"Fate Breaker" by Victoria Aveyard.

"Fate Breaker" by Victoria Aveyard is the third book in her "Realm Breaker" series, which is a "Lord of the Rings" meets "Guardians of the Galaxy" high fantasy trilogy.

What was your inspiration behind your most recent book?

After finishing the "Red Queen" series, I was in a very lucky position with a publisher willing to support whatever I wanted to write next. There was also a lot of pressure to follow up a series with so many wonderful readers, and I didn't want to let them down. I started thinking about what I wanted to read as a teenager, and what kind of books I was looking for then. In truth, I was reading and writing a lot of fanfiction, adding more female characters to the many stories I loved - especially "The Lord of the Rings." I wondered if I could do that properly now, and write the LOTR-inspired fantasy series I always searched for as a teenager. This was the spark for "Realm Breaker," which became my LOTR-meets-Guardians of the Galaxy high fantasy adventure trilogy!

What does Reading Rainbow mean to you?

For me, I see reading to find pride in yourself - both in who you are as a person, and what you love. A lot of novels catering to young women are regularly looked down upon or dismissed as guilty pleasures. I hope more readers are able to proudly hold up the books they're reading without fear of ridicule, while also finding every facet of themselves in the pages.

Why do you feel representation of a variety of people is so important when it comes to writing books?

Representation is affirmation. Every person deserves to feel seen and valid, and have their existence underscored. Obviously it is impossible for a single book to reflect every person, but the more we broaden how we read, and which stories are told, the more likely a person can find themselves. I also think good representation helps me believe in a fantasy world - I want to feel like this place could be real, and what better way to instill reality than by showing a vibrant, diverse world within a book?

Tell us a little more about the book and why you decided to write it.

Once I knew I was writing a book for the nerdy teenager who wanted to be part of the "Fellowship of the Ring," I had an easy jumping off point. I immediately realized I wanted to tell a hero's story through characters who wouldn't necessarily be the heroes themselves, and asked the question - what happens when the heroes fail? "Realm Breaker" revolves around the B Team of saving the world, when a group of criminals and misfits must come together to avert the apocalypse after the so-called heroes die trying. 

What can fans expect from your book?

First and foremost, my goal as a writer is to entertain the reader. If I haven't done that, then I feel like I've failed. "Realm Breaker" is a rollercoaster adventure, with massive battles, a villain you can't help but root for, and a cast of unlikely heroes who go from hating each other to forming a found family. While I loved writing the high octane action moments, I'm really proud of the characters themselves, and their journey from start to finish, discovering who they are against a world-ending backdrop. For the first time, I find myself missing these characters after the series has ended!

What's up next for you in the bookish world?

I'm currently working on my first adult novel, a romantic fantasy that I can't say much about. And I find myself looking back towards "Realm Breaker" as well. Readers who have finished the trilogy will know what I'm talking about, and which story I want to tell next in that world.

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