Courts Derail DeSantis

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Gov. Ron DeSantis is touting his racist, anti-LGBT agenda as a blueprint for America during his run for president. But judges are ruling much of that plan unconstitutional. Over the past few days, federal judges have either struck down anti-LGBT laws or placed them on hold while they are challenged. 

A federal judge issued an injunction against the drag ban law in response to Orlando’s Hamburger Mary’s first amendment challenge. The law could punish venues where kids see drag shows. The judge said, “This statute is specifically designed to suppress the speech of drag queen performers.” 

Last week several Orlando area parents sued their school district, challenging their lack of access to banned books, specifically “And Tango Makes Three,” about a same-sex penguin couple that adopted an orphan penguin. 

The law banning trans youth from gender-affirming care was declared “...the statute and the rules were an exercise in politics, not good medicine. There has long been, and still is, substantial bigotry directed at transgender individuals.” 

While this ruling does not overturn the law and is limited in reach, it is a sign that federal courts are exercising their power of judicial review. Transinclusive Group, a leading advocate for trans rights, applauded the ruling saying, “We are heartened by the court's recognition that gender identity is real and that restricting access to gender-affirming care only hinders the ability of trans and nonbinary individuals to lead healthy, equitable lives. This decision reinforces what our community and medical experts have long asserted: the importance of equitable access to best-practice, life-saving healthcare.” 

Because Republicans have super majorities in both legislative chambers in Tallahassee, this is the first real check on the governor’s power. 

Other States Following Suit 

Other states have been copying DeSantis and his hateful agenda, and are also running into legal roadblocks. Judge Thomas Parker ruled that Tennessee’s drag ban is, “...a content and viewpoint-based restriction on free speech … passed for the impermissible purpose of chilling constitutionally-protected speech.” 

In Arkansas, a federal judge permanently blocked a law that prevented trans youth from gender-affirming care. 


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