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The property market is showing signs of equilibrium after a few volatile years. Home prices in Oakland Park and Wilton Manors have remained more or less the same for over one year, and there’s an uptick in the number of available units of inventory on the market.

In short, it’s still a “seller’s market.” However, the window is starting to close. For homeowners on the fence about selling, the opportunity to enter the transaction with the upper hand is waning. Here’s a list of the most recommended home projects that should be completed before listing:

Declutter the space with a heavy hand. Your property will look larger and cleaner. Too much furniture and personal items in a space are distracting for would-be buyers.

Hire a professional service to come in for a deep home cleaning. Tell them to scrub every nook and cranny. Get the floors polished or steam clean the carpets.

Touch up the drywall. If there are any nail holes that can be repaired easily, do it. Fill the blemishes and touch up with paint. And certainly if there is any damage you can’t fix, again, hire a professional and have it spackled over like new.

If the roof is still within its “useful life” (as they say in the insurance business) then call a roofer out to take a look and have them repair any minor damage they find to the shingles. Ask them for a certificate or proof of service that your realtor can add to the seller’s disclosure. If it needs it, put on a new roof prior to listing. New buyers are keenly aware of the cost of insurance and often don’t have enough extra cash after closing to put a new roof on right away. It’s a major selling point, and you’ll make that money back. 

Keep a record of all the money you spend improving everything prior to listing. Make sure your agent figures in those costs into the selling price, so you can recoup your investment in how much money you clear from the sale.

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