Trans Woman & Lesbian Viciously Attacked In Miami | Watch

Screenshot via anonymous witness.

The pictures are shocking, the screams are chilling, and the lack of arrests is disturbing. Video of a lesbian and a trans woman being viciously attacked on the street is shaking the entire LGBTQ community.

The assault happened in late November in Miami’s Wynwood district. The women and friends had just left a White Party rooftop event.

“I was shocked by what happened,” Alison Burgos said. “This group of people were walking away and a group of men approached them saying inappropriate things. They then realized they were lesbians and started saying homophobic things.”

Burgos was one of the organizers of the event the victims attended.

Events began to go south when one of the attackers started cat-calling the women. We’re told one of them stood up to the bullies, and things quickly became violent. One of the victims was knocked down so hard that her eyes rolled back and some feared she was dead.

Two of the victims are mothers. One has three children, the other has four.

In the end, three people went to Jackson Memorial emergency room. One took nearly 20 stitches. Another victim spent several days in the hospital and was in concussion protocol for three weeks.

Why No Arrests?

Miami police are investigating this as a hate crime, but no arrests have been made.

One witness told OutSFL that three of the four attackers were identified on the spot. One is said to work security at a nearby club, while another person (or possibly the same person) is a local MMA fighter.

Some of their social media accounts were scrubbed clean, but some images that show them at a club earlier that evening were saved. OutSFL is not using their names or showing those pictures until the men are charged or named as suspects or persons of interest.

Investigators told witnesses they’re conducting more interviews soon.

OutSFL will continue monitoring this story for all developments.


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