Troubled Pride Fort Lauderdale Cancels 2024 Parade and Party

Pride of the Americas parade in 2023. Photo by J.R. Davis.

After an extremely turbulent 2023, Pride Fort Lauderdale is canceling its signature events for 2024.

The organization will not hold its parade down A1A or the festival on or near Fort Lauderdale Beach. They made the announcement on Thursday, issuing a statement saying, “We’ve decided to scale back our 2024 Pride Fort Lauderdale by postponing our festival and parade, and focus on ... [building] our team and add more events throughout the year.”

This is the latest blow for Pride Port Lauderdale, which has been descending into chaos for more than a year. In the months leading up to its Pride of the Americas in February, a lack of logistical planning plagued the organization. Eventually, Pride Fort Lauderdale abandoned plans for a three-day event on the beach. They relocated to a park on Las Olas and only held one day of events. In the weeks immediately before and after the event, the entire board resigned, aside from President Miik Martorell. Also, Kevin Clevenger left his job as executive director.

After a series of reports on Pride Fort Lauderdale’s lack of transparency, two major sponsors, CAN Community Health and Tito’s Vodka withdrew their support. CAN is working to get its initial money refunded. Pride Fort Lauderdale is refusing the request despite the fact they have refunded sponsors in the past.

Though publicly still supportive of Pride Fort Lauderdale in general, politicians and organizations in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and Wilton Manors tell OutSFL they are fed up with Martorell.

It must be noted that between drafting the cancellation statement and its release, Martorell was in an accident at work and was unavailable for comment. Also, OutSFL reached out to community leaders about the impact of this loss. As of this publishing, no one has responded.

Martorell hired his longtime friend and colleague, Ernie Yuen, as the new executive director. His work has included the creation of Pride Pets, an outing for people and their pets, as well as monthly Drag Bingo at the Pride Center and pool parties. These events are part of their Pride 365 initiative to keep Pride Fort Lauderdale’s profile up throughout the year.

Despite the new efforts, the group acknowledges that rising from the ashes can’t happen overnight. “Building a strong team is a process that takes time. Our 48th anniversary festival and parade will return on Feb. 15, 2025, which we hope to be our best yet!”

Robyn Ludy has been a contractor with Pride Fort Lauderdale (her current role is unknown as the group refuses to discuss who is associated with the organization or when they meet). In a public discussion on social media, she wrote, “Pointing out the problems is damaging without also pointing out the work of wonderful humans who care about making the world a more just place to live.”

Pride On the Drive

While Pride Fort Lauderdale cancels its signature events in 2024 to focus on smaller gatherings, businesses on Wilton Manors are stepping up to fill in the gaps.

Pride On the Drive was created at the last minute this year when Pride Fort Lauderdale failed to program any events on Friday night of Pride weekend. Thunderpuss reunited for a massive concert in the parking lot of Hunters Nightclub.

This time, Pride Fort Lauderdale says it intends to be a full partner with the businesses on the plaza, and Thunderpuss is booked for Friday night and negotiations for Saturday with another LGBTQ icon are underway.

However, sources close to Pride on the Drive tell OutSFL that if Pride Fort Lauderdale can’t or won’t meet its obligations, the shows will still go on.


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