Reboot of Dancing With the South Florida Stars Coming Soon

  • Former ‘Florida Agenda’ publisher, Bobby Blair, also returns to South Florida

Photo via Bobby Blair, Facebook.

A long-dormant event is slipping on a new pair of dancing shoes. Dancing With the South Florida Stars is making a return with the goals of bringing the community together and strengthening a community event.

Bobby Blair, the former publisher who recently returned to South Florida after many years, is resurrecting the party to benefit June’s Stonewall Pride Parade and Street Festival.

“We need to make sure that Stonewall Pride is successful financially,” he said.

Blair gave his first interview about the event to OutSFL, saying Stonewall is one of the most important and unifying events in the LGBTQ community.

For the first time in several years, Stonewall lost money in 2023. Many worried it wouldn’t happen this year, and several people created a new organization to step up if the city declined to renew the permit. In the end, Wilton Manors came on as a sponsor and stuck with the experienced producers.

DWTS is set for Monday, May 13, at The Venue in Wilton Manors. Final details are still being worked out, but initial plans are for a full dinner to be served in the Epic Ballroom after a red carpet swarming with paparazzi and fun questions from a popular local diva.

So, what qualifies someone to be a South Florida Star?

“There are two pieces to being a Florida Dancing Star,” Blair explained. “One is being a business leader or politician who is fighting for our rights. A leader in our community that is a game changer.”

The local leaders will be paired with local dancing stars.

Blair plans to hold major fundraisers four times a year to help keep Stonewall a thriving event. He believes if we don’t look out for ourselves, no one will.

“Corporate America is not supporting our community as much, so we aren’t seeing as much support at our Pride events, our publications aren’t seeing as much advertising, and I want to do my part,” Blair promised.


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