Pride On the Drive: Weekend of Winter Fun

Thunderpuss at Pride On the Drive. Photo by JR Davis.

A pair of LGBTQ headliners drew crowds to the heart of Wilton Manors over the weekend. Pride On the Drive (POTD) was a huge community effort to make sure South Florida had some type of Pride this season after Pride Fort Lauderdale canceled their signature events, a parade, and festival, for 2024.

Thunderpuss returned to Wilton one year after their triumphant reunion at POTD 2023. The legendary DJ duo played a huge set that evolved over the evening. They mixed new music with classics that had people moving like it’s 1999 and 2024 simultaneously.

Iconic LGBTQ fave Kristine W took the stage and had the audience wrapped around her finger even before she sang the first note.

Both acts are familiar with Greater Wilton Manors, and Kristine W couldn’t stop gushing after her set.

So overwhelmed by the love tonight in Wilton Manors. My voice was cracking with emotion during Land of The Living. We have lived and loved so much together and got each other through so many epic and really tough times. Just so thankful for you and all the music you've inspired and the bond we share.”

Hunters hosted the main stage in the parking lot in front of their building. In addition to paying for the shows, they also made a donation to Pride Fort Lauderdale (PFL) and let them operate the VIP tent.

Like many South Florida parties, the crowds got bigger the later the night went. Tap That Ash, NO Manors, and Alibi Monkey Bar also had outdoor service.

This is the second year for POTD. Thunderpuss played the event last year when Pride Fort Lauderdale canceled its Friday night programming as part of cost-cutting measures.

These events and smaller ones, like a monthly Drag Bingo, are part of PFL’s Pride 365 initiative. The idea is to hold small events throughout the year to maintain their presence while they figure out how to move forward.

In 2023, PFL drastically scaled back Pride weekend, moving it off the beach and shortening the parade. The group faced funding issues following transparency and organizational issues. The entire board of directors resigned in the weeks immediately before and after Pride and two major sponsors pulled out. PFL still will not disclose who is on the board or when and where they meet. Currently, their website is one page that links to buy tickets for events that have already happened.

Ernie Yuen, a longtime friend of PFL President Miik Martorell, was brought in from Nevada to be the new executive director. After several months, a Yuen-led PFL announced plans for Pride 2024 only to cancel them shortly thereafter.

Despite money woes and canceling events, PFL went to Las Vegas in late January where Yuen gave a lecture Pride 101; 10 Steps. The video is posted on their Facebook page. All this while Pride On the Drive was in the final stages of preparation back in Wilton Manors.

OutSFL does not know who paid for the Las Vegas trip. However, OutSFL does know that PFL did little beyond putting their logo on promotional materials. One source says there was some material contribution such as tents and other infrastructure for the parking lot parties that replaced Pride.


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