Drag Queens Mock GOP Candidates at Debate

Photo via Hamburger Mary's Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors, Facebook.

Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Michael Pence took the stage at the first GOP debate. At Hamburger Mary’s in Wilton Manors, they were upstaged by Rhonda Santis, Christine Christie, and Michelle Pence. For good measure, they were joined by Donna Trump.

The local drag queens were on hand for their own debate to decide which of the Republican candidates are most dangerous.

“It has to be Ron,” Rhonda said without hesitation before her other performers agreed.

“We are all drag entertainers here. Ron is dangerous because he is threatening drag queens.”

DeSantis and the Republican super majority in the legislature passed what was effectively meant to be a ban on live drag entertainment. A federal judge put the law on hold, believing it will ultimately be ruled unconstitutional.

“He’s threatening our existence, he’s threatening our jobs, he’s threatening our ability to be who we are. That’s very dangerous,” Rhonda continued.

Donna Trump said her political persona is just as dangerous.

“He won’t let you be you. He’s blocking trans. In schools, from students to teachers, you can’t be yourself.”

Leading up to the debate, all four “candidates” took the stage at Hamburger Mary’s and laid out, point by point, how each actual candidate will be bad for LGBTQ. While DeSantis was most reviled by the audience due to his LGBTQ oppression in Florida, none of the other candidates can be considered friendly to the community.

While the site of four political drag queens may be seen as ridiculous by some, it was nothing compared to the ridiculous display that came during the actual debate. Candidates tripped over each other to prove they’re the worthiest heir to Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman agenda. Indeed, six of them vowed to vote for Trump even if he’s convicted of the 91 felonies he faces.

The queens had to choose which candidate is most ridiculous. Once again, it was unanimous.

“I’m going with pudding fingers,” Rhonda said, referring to a DeSantis nickname.

While the Florida governor was proclaimed most dangerous and most ridiculous, they were also unanimous in their resolve to make sure this is the last vote he ever wins.

You can watch more on YouTube.


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