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Hydeia Broadbent. Courtesy Facebook.

As the Vice Chair for the Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council, witnessing this story, Hydeia Broadbent: Victim of a Broken System, shatters my soul. It underscores a stark reality: even with a national platform, our systems can still falter.

To learn that one of our own counties, where she once stood to speak, couldn't extend assistance for her care in another state reveals the intricate web of challenges within the Ryan White system. These issues persistently echo across countless individuals seeking care.

This is my unwavering commitment: as a volunteer and a disruptive advocate, I stand firm. Our community hungers for amplified voices that reverberate through the corridors of change. While I glimpse progress, the pace is a mere whisper against the tempest of need. We must ignite urgency.

I pledge to remain at the table, relentlessly toppling barriers of stigma and access to care. I will unmask the disservices that plague our county. But what will it truly take to raise our voices? It demands more than words — it demands action, unity, and unyielding courage. Let us forge a symphony of voices, each note resonating with purpose. Together, we shall amplify our impact until transformation surges forth like a tidal wave.

– Von Biggs


Hydeia Broadbent: Victim of a Broken System


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