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Regarding the article, “WMPD in Crisis,” there are candidates whose applications are currently pending with the city (young, physically fit, self-starters with sound judgment and advanced degrees) who want to be members of law enforcement here, to serve the community here, not somewhere else where the pay, size/support, resources are higher/better/etc. Some already live here, have roots here, etc.

I support giving our experienced officers more pay, incentives, sane scheduling, and support — talent and experience matter. Providing for the quality of life for them and their families is paramount.

But as for the “crisis” in hiring and retention, part of the solution is the hiring process.

Cultivate locally.

City Hall, the WMPD leadership, and the City’s Department of Human Services should look to those candidates who already live and work here, who know the city, are content with what this city is, what it pays, what the city offers, and cannot offer and choose a career here with the incredible WMPD in our incredible community because here is where they want to serve.   

There will always be experienced folks in law enforcement who move on or move up elsewhere. Godspeed.

As many retired LEOs who chose to serve their entire careers in a small town will attest: please take a chance on local, eager, younger versions of ourselves, who loved their community, wanted the privilege of serving it, and remain grateful that our potential was recognized and cultivated by experienced, stellar officers.


John Mitchell


WMPD In ‘Crisis’ | Analysis


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