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2024’s Most Eligible Single: Gerald Arroyo Prada

How do you identify? My pronouns are HE/HIS/HIM.


I work for a Personal Injury Attorney as their Employee Experience Coordinator. On Jan. 27, I also celebrated a decade with the company. My second career is as South Florida drag queen, actor, singer, emcee and icon, Ariel Rimm. In March, I will celebrate my 15th anniversary in drag.

Where do you live?

West Palm Beach.



What are you looking for in a partner?

Honesty, stability, drive, commitment, adventure, care, communication, and someone who is goal-oriented and not afraid to go after their dreams and make them a reality.

Biggest turn off?

Laziness. I work very hard to make my life and goals a reality, I am always working on bettering myself, my life, and my goals. Someone who isn't willing to match that energy is a HUGE turn off.

Biggest turn on?

Genuine care or interest in something that means something to me, just because you know how much it'll mean to me. I'll deliver that same energy right back.


I am a HUGE family guy and I love to share with them. I love to travel, escape to the movies, cook, anything creative always sparks my attention. I love a good theme; Halloween isn't just Oct. 31 it's a whole month thing. I am a Disney annual passholder (YES . . . I am a Disney Gay lol). Orlando trips in general, I love attending a good concert, Broadway show, or my favorite bands. I'm not shy and pretty daring, dancing, going out to eat, hanging out with friends, social media (love to create content), supporting local events, supporting friends, supporting family, and ice cream. Miami trips for non-abuela Cuban cooking and Miami shopping. There's more, but that's a good list for now.

Any charitable/volunteer work?

Through the law firm I work for, I have had the opportunity to really dive into working with our local communities. A lot of the work I focus on is to help local families and the Latino community. Fiesta De Pueblo, Read for the Record, Back to School Drives, and Palm Beach Pride/Compass.


No pets and no kids.

What’s your love language?

(see biggest turn on)

What’s your favorite date night activity?

When I am getting to know someone, I find it best to not do anything where the attention will be focused on the activity. I like to talk and discover more about the person. I love to find a scenic spot and talk and just get to know each other. If the date is going well, then it will unravel as you go. The best outcomes usually come from letting this happen naturally.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Shoes and Disney.

One obscure fact about yourself:

I was born in Costa Rica, immigrated to the US at 9 months of age and only raised with the Cuban side of my family. Culturally and ethnically I was raised Cuban, so that's how I identify.

What’s Your Motto?

Live the Dream. . . Why let it be impossible, when it can be I'M POSSIBLE?

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OutSFL's Most Eligible LGBTQ Singles of 2024


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