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2024’s Most Eligible Single: Amancio Paradela

How do you identify? I identify as non-binary and queer. I comfortably present as male. Any pronoun is fine.


I work in nonprofit administration, but more specifically I am the Development Manager for the O, Miami Poetry Festival.

Where do you live?

Fort Lauderdale.



What are you looking for in a partner?

I'm open, and I like to leave room for exploration, but ideally someone who is kind, open to communication, has a desire to work towards mutual understanding, considerate of others' needs, comfortable with commitment, affectionate, self-aware, sexually expressive, emotionally and physically available, values companionship as well as autonomy, and identifies as polyamorous.

Biggest turn off?

Bullying or otherwise toxic behavior.

Biggest turn on?

Kindness, confidence, and being outgoing.


I'm an artist to my core. I'm a sculptor and writer. I love exploring in terms of creativity and geography. I love being outdoors, and I do love my time at the gym.

Any charitable/volunteer work?

I work for a nonprofit, and sometimes it feels like it is all I do. I also do a fair bit of service work for my recovery. If it involves helping someone to be their best self, I'll probably say yes.


I have a 27-year-old tortoise. She's a hoot, and she'll probably try to chomp on you. I'm interested in having kids, but only with the right partner.

What’s your love language?

This is tricky. Quality time and Physical Touch are everything, but Words of Affirmation is growing on me.

What’s your favorite date night activity?

When getting to know someone, I like to be able to hear the person and absorb what they’re saying. Let’s keep things chill and do ceramics at OCISLY, or take an O, Miami workshop, tour the Norton, or hike Jonathan Dickinson.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate in all its forms and teen dramas.

One obscure fact about yourself:

I’ve yet to check Australia and Antarctica off my travel list.

What’s Your Motto?

E ultreia, e suseia! (Let us go further and higher)

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