Out & Loud: Katie Price Had Fling with Playboy Bunnies; Jamie Lee Curtis Vowed to Fight Transphobia

Photo via Katie Price, Facebook.

Katie Price reveals fling with Playboy bunnies, Jamie Lee Curtis promises to fight transphobia, and over 250 celebrities fight to censor anti-LGBTQ content.

Katie Price Had Fling With Playboy Bunnies

In a recent shocking revelation, Katie Price said people have questioned why she doesn’t “just go for women” due to her not-so-great relationships with men. Price started this discussion while talking to social media star GK Barry on her Saving Grace Podcast.

Grace responded by saying, “You should dip your finger in a pie.” Grace was shocked by Price’s response.

“I have done, in the Playboy mansion. I have done girls!” said Price.

Price went on to explain that her flings with fellow Playboy bunnies occurred when she refused to have sex with the late Hugh Hefner.

“We’d all be doing it on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night…” said Price.

Jamie Lee Curtis Vows To Fight Transphobia


Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons.

Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis gave an interview in late July in which she spoke about her support for her transgender daughter and vowed to fight transphobia.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning co-host Joe Scarborough, Curtis said, “This is about love.”

“Being a parent is about love, and I love Ruby. Love her. People have said, 'You're so great to accept her love.' What are you talking about? This is my daughter … I will fight and defend her right to exist to anyone who claims that she doesn't…” Curtis added.

Curtis also noted the challenging times for trans people across the country.

250+ Celebrities Fight To Censor Anti-LGBT Content


Courtsey photo.

Laverne Cox, Sam Smith, Hailey Bieber, and hundreds of other celebrities have partnered with GLAAD to endorse a letter calling for social media platforms to ban LGBT “hate, harassment, and disinformation” and categorize it as hate speech.

“There has been a massive systemic failure to prohibit hate, harassment, and malicious anti-[LGBT] disinformation on your platforms, and it must be addressed,” the letter stated. “The very content you profit from is in violation of your own terms of service, which assert that you do not allow hate speech.”

The letter cites an article on “far-right extremists,” a piece stating “misgendering is violence,” reports from the HRC on “religious intolerance” with misinformation, and much more.

The letter categorizes speech that opposes LGBT values as “extremist hate.”

GLAAD also references the Bud Light advertising campaign involving trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The letter acknowledged several organizations besides GLAAD, including The Trevor Project and others, that social media companies’ “mitigations remain woefully inadequate.”

The letter demanded a meeting with social media corporations to address the harms that are being spread across all of social media.

The full letter can be read online at glaad.org.


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