‘Schartt$ Creek’: No Honeymoon in Wilton Manors

Jonathan Joseph Peters & Jamie Morris. Photo via Jamie Morris, Facebook.

“Schartt$ Creek: Honeymoon in Wilton Manors” is written by Jamie Morris, also behind the brilliantly titled “Mommie Queerest,” “The Silence of the Clams,” and “Gilligan’s Fire Island.”

It runs 75 minutes without intermission, but it feels like two hours. If only the script was as witty as his titles. But there is barely a laugh in this tedious slog-fest. Supposedly, this play ran for months in Provincetown and was a huge hit. A blurb from Provincetown Magazine on the cover of the playbill boasts, “The laughter begins upon arrival and doesn’t subside the entire show.” I wonder what show they saw because it certainly wasn’t this one.

The plot, what there is of it, is thin and mostly serves to allow for the cast to ham up with some impersonations of the characters from the popular television show it parodies. Jonathan Joseph Peters is engaging in his parody of Dan Levy, but it grows tiresome after only a few minutes. Eric Maul in the role of Alexis/Stevie is equally annoying and ineffective in both roles. Jamie Morris has, of course, saved the best role, Moira, for himself, and he does a respectable job with it. The only one who brings his characters to life is local actor Benjamin Shaevitz as Bea, Cecil, and a commercial director, each a distinct character, and the only actor with charisma in the entire show.

The production team thought that they could throw in some clips of local Wilton Manors landmarks and that would be enough to transfer the show from its Provincetown setting. However, we don’t refer to the people who live here as “townies,” nor are they likely to be of Portuguese heritage. Just more examples of the laziness of this adaptation. I’ve seen some of Morris’ other shows and this one, well, smells like some sharted!

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